Wrapped Up In God is Now in Print!

the paperback edition

the cover image of Wrapped Up In God

Wrapped Up In God is the result of years of study and writing.  Readers may recognize some of these devotions from places such as EZRAWeb and FaithReaders Magazine as well as FaithWriters.com.  A substantial number have never been published before.

 My method of writing begins in prayer.  I try to open myself to what the Holy Spirit wishes to tell me concerning what I am reading at that particular time.  Then I simply read the given passage.  As will become abundantly clear, the diverse passages reveal diverse messages that require diverse styles of writing.  A few dominant themes have emerged in the process of writing these devotions, I think.  Namely that spending time in the Word is a good thing, indeed, even a necessary part of the life of every believer.  Also praying and listening to God’s Spirit and then following His holy promptings. It’s important to be among other believers.  Finally, one must take action according to the relationship that must surely follow.

 It is my prayer that this book will help bring its readers into such a close relationship with our LORD that they will feel wrapped up in His holy arms, never alone, forever safe, always able.

Be Blessed and a Blessing,



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