Revival Fire in the Mountains

Flames Like Tongues

Pentecostal Flames by Randy Timmerman

and fire came down

Fire from Heaven came down and sparked a revival

I went to a rendevous and a revival broke out.   Seriously.  It was an amazing week.  Officially, it was the Frontier Camping Fellowship (F.C.F.) Mountainman Territorial Rendezvous 2011.  About 150 men and young men met on top of a mountain just outside of Tehachapi California for a week of fellowship and mentoring and worship (not necessarily in that order). Mentoring included time honored mountainman traditional competitions such as flint and steel fire starting, knife and hawk throwing, black powder shooting, and archery (I took 3rd place).  Oh, and not a few cobblers were created and happily devoured as well.  It was a fine week.

The evenings were what really set this rendevous apart from others.  The worship times at F.C.F. events are always special times that are well looked forward to.  But at this particular rendezvous, the Holy Spirit fell like fire and enflamed us all.  Young bucks who had been filled with rage began laughing uncontrollably with Holy Laughter.  Old Timers who had not been slain in the Spirit for up to 14 years collapsed in heaps all around.  Men and young men prophesied.  Some for the very first time. Lives were changed and healed.   Worship was led by a local youth group band.  They played for three hours straight! They didn’t want to quit either.  Now that’s a Worship Band if there ever was one.   “This,” it was said by many, “is what church ought to be like all the time.”  We were all encouraged to carry the fire (and this was before any of us had seen the photographs like the ones above) home with us to our local churches.  I had one more campout to go to before I finally made it back to my home church but something special happened this past Sunday there too.  Is a revial beginning in the Church?  I don’t know about that (I hope so) but the Holy Spirit wants to do something and I for one plan on stoking those flames.  How about you?


P.S. Click on the pictures for a better look.  They’re fantastic.  Neither has been doctored at all.

4 thoughts on “Revival Fire in the Mountains

  1. I was looking at the pictures you posted, and wanted to say if there is anyway i could get access to more. I’m one of the musicians that played those nights.


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