“Out of the Fog” in The Pentecostal Evangel Magazine

The July 24th edition of the Pentecostal Evangel Magazine carried an article I wrote called “Out of the Fog”  It basically recounts my personal conversion experience.  My personal relationship with Jesus began at that miserable point.  I admit to ignorance of this important fact at the time.  Nor did I have the words to say accurately so.  But, looking back over time, I can say with certainty, yes, that is where it all began.

It’s true that I was reasonably active in my church before then but we didn’t talk “that way” in that church.  Heck, we didn’t even use the “E” word (evanagelism).  I’m not trying to bash my former church.  I’m just saying. . .

What?  What am I saying?  I guess I’m saying that there are some churches in which you learn about God and others in which you get to know Him.  Personally, I think it’s better to know God than to know about God.  To be fair, though, O think it’s best to learn about God as one gets to know Him.  That’s how the relationship becomes more relational.  As a wise man tells me, “It’s all about the relationship.”  And your relationship with God  (and mine) is what matters and why I wrote “Out of the Fog” in the first place.  If God is in the “back wing” of a psych ward, He’s everywhere.



Out of the Fog

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