What Is Faith?

Road to Faith

Is faith a road or a destination?

I searched “Faith” and then “Faith in Christianity” on Wkipedia and found this:

“The precise understanding of the term “faith” differs among the various Christian traditions. Despite these differences, Christians generally agree that faith in Jesus lies at the core of the Christian tradition, and that such faith is required in order to be a Christian. The Christian tradition is sometimes called “the faith”, since faith in Jesus is so central to the tradition. Faith and the word “belief” are often treated synonymously, which has led to Christians being called ‘believers’. However, faith in Jesus is generally considered to encompass more than only mental belief.”

And, of course there’s the Hebrews 11:1 definition of faith:

“Now faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen.” (ESV)

I’ve been pondering the question of faith for some time. Simultaneously, I’ve been journeying through life. I’ve also been reading and pondering what Scripture reveals about faith. In the very near future, I am going to offer a post about my personal convictions concerning Biblical, Christian faith and its repercussions for our lives. I’m only going to say at this juncture that I do not believe in “easy faith” nor do I believe that this is a simple question. Before I finalize this article in question though, being the fallible human being that I am, I’m open to suggestions and opinions and general input. So comment away. Please.

Christopher C. Randolph


8 thoughts on “What Is Faith?

  1. I believe faith is also a gift and one we can pray for. I do believe that one must have faith to have a personal relationship with Christ, but I also believe that when we ask for more, we are blessed with what we ask for. I believe, as well, that our intellect can communicate with our hearts, etc. That being said, we can act in faith because our mind says we should and the Lord will bless us and our heart and soul will grow in Him. I believe, as well, that my heart and soul often “know” faith but the concept can be more than my mind can wrap itself around.


    • Your comment points to an important issue with faith: is it a noun or a verb? Another is like it: is it an all or nothing proposition? I mean, is it something one either has or hasn”t or can it actually grow? Of course there is also the whole thing about the mustard seed. If we can’t move mountains (either lierally or figuatively) do we lack faith? But then, isn’t faith like a hope of things unseen? Seeing a mountain move isn’t something “unseen.”

      This isn’t an easy subject.


  2. Faith is an undying belief in something…not always understood. Very difficult to explain. But as a mom of 5 kids…2 of which were adopted from Russia…I have to have a lot of faith, just to survive!
    It is what gets me through the day. Faith & Love…2 very powerful feelings.

    Deborah Mumm


  3. Still researching my promised article on faith. I’m finding that some of what I had been taught concerning the original texts is erroneous. The general concept is still true but I’ve had to revisit some of the Koine Greek passages to which I wished to allude.

    Simply put, I’ve found the concept to be more complex than I had thought and the simple teaching I thought I would be able to utilize is . . . well . . . unutilizable.

    Need to dig deeper in order to create a more simple teaching. What is that? Ironic?

    Thanks for your patience,

    Christopher C. Randolph


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