A Work of Faith in Progress


I Believe in Jesus

Still researching my promised article on faith. I’m finding that some of what I had been taught concerning the original texts is erroneous. The general concept is still true but I’ve had to revisit some of the Koine Greek passages to which I wished to allude.

Simply put, I’ve found the concept to be more complex than I had thought and the simple teaching I thought I would be able to utilize is . . . well . . . unutilizable.

Need to dig deeper in order to create a more simple teaching. What is that? Ironic?

I’m currently examining the relationship between “belief” and “faith”.  I think my opening will be something like what do we mean when we say that we “believe” in Jesus Christ?

Thanks for your patience,

Christopher C. Randolph


One thought on “A Work of Faith in Progress

  1. Christopher, I am happy you have “liked” my blog. I can’t tell if you follow yet, but I have recently written of a book I am reading called “God’s Astonishing Opinion Of You” written by Ralph Harris. He is president of LifeCourse Ministries-a ministry devoted to teaching people about their astounding identity in Christ. A Grad of U of S Cal. and Life pacific College, he was a pastor for more than 25 years and is now a writer and speaker. I have found this book to be quite right theologically. In fact, it explains many scriptures that even when I went back to the Greek, I still didn’t quite get, especially some of Paul’s writings–which may answer some of your questions about faith and belief. I’ve had some about God saying “that I am Perfect” when I know that I am not! And I was just talking physically, not behaviorally! But that too! so how to reconcile all of this?
    Get the book. It’s awesome and may blow your mind a little but it made such good sense to me. My Spirit certainly liked it and identified with it.
    Please let me know what you think.


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