I Believe in Faith

Road to Faith

Is faith a road or a destination?

So, those who have been following this blog know that I have been pondering the question of what is faith.  One question has been, “Is Faith a road or a destination?”  Another is, “Just what does faith mean anyway?”  “What is faith?”  Now I don’t claim to have the ultimate answer to these questions.  In fact, I think these questions are of the kind that need to be asked repeatedly as we journey through life and . . .  well. . . faith.  Be cause I do know the answer to the first question about whether it is a road or a destination, “YES.”  Faith is both of these. It’s hard to wrap one;s mind around such matters sometimes.  Only faith can bring about faith.  Faith gets one to a “point” where one has faith. Yea, it’s awkward.  Which is why, I think, Bible translators utilize words such as “Believe” instead of always saying “Faith”.  You see, predominantly, in the New Testament English translations, when one examines the Koine Greek word that is translated “believe” or “faith”, one finds that these are pretty much interchangeable.  The root words are identical.  Essentially, it means to be convicted of the truth of something, to trust it.


I Believe in Jesus

I think this is useful in helping us understand because now we can say that by believing in Jesus Christ, we come to true faith.  In this case, believing is the road to our desired destination of having faith in our LORD.  But, this only really works when we realize that this kind of believing doesn’t mean that we ” think” Jesus is Christ or that He is “probably” going to be faithful to us.  No!  It means that we are “convicted of these facts.  We know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Jesus is Christ, God in the Flesh, totally steadast in His faithfulness to us.  And by holding onto these convictions, we are ultimately satisfied in our faith.  At least until our faith is tested again.  And it will be tested.  If you don’t believe me just read a psalm.   A trick is revealed in psalms by the way.  Typically, the current problem is bemoaned with a plea to God for assistance.  Then the psalmist recalls God’s faithfullness and finally realizes that God has always proven faithful and so always is and will be faithful.  That is what faith is all about.  Faith begets faith.

  • Faith, then, is both a road as well as a destination.
  • Faith is a conviction of truth.
  • Biblical belief is faith, with no room for doubt.

Like I said, I am not claiming to have answered this question completely.  In fact, if anything, I hope this brief dissertation will raise some more questions.  I believe this is a good thing because a good question beats a good answer any day.

God Bless,

Christopher C. Randolph