A Question of Life and Faith

Allow me to be transparent for a bit.  I’ve got a lot of questions.  Ten years ago I had a few questions and I began to seek out answers.  Now I have some answers and a lot more questions.  I’m not complaining.  I actually think this is a healthy side of the intellectual discovery process.  “A good answer ought to generate at least three good questions.”  I don’t remember who told me that, nor am I positive that that is an exact quote (I also believe that whoever told it to me was quoting some one else).  No matter.  I believe this to be  a valid litmus test of a good conclusion.  Anyone who says that he or she has everything or anything totally figured out is a fool.  Which leads me to conclude that anything and everything is open for new inquiry.

So, I’ve decided that this will be the thrust of this blog at least for a while:   Exploring questions of life and faith.  Mind you, I can be a bit controversial at times in my thinking, but I am never controversial for the sake of being controversial.  It’s merely that  I don’t shy away from controversy just to avoid it.  I’m not afraid to stretch boundaries and I’m not afraid of being wrong.  I’m not afraid of being right either.

This is what I want from you.  If you read something on this blog that you don’t agree with, write a comment and say what you do not agree with. But also tell why you don’t agree with it.  It could be that I have not considered your point of view.  But it could also be that I have, but this being a blog and not a news magazine, I will primarily be sharing my current conclusions and a few highlights as to how I arrived there  for brevity’s sake.

Blogs are best as vehicles for sharing ideas.  That, to me, implies intelligent diologue.  I feel that it’s fair to say from the start, I do have a few guidelines:

  • One must make an effort to understand another person’s point of view before one may criticize it.
  • No personal slurs.
  • Please make an effort to prove your point of view.  If you do not I will ask you to do so.

I know this blog has my name on it, but I truly don’t want it to be just about me.  If there is a topic that you wish to be tackled here, then feel free to bring it up in a comment.

God Bless You,

Christopher C. Randolph

2 thoughts on “A Question of Life and Faith

  1. Christopher, I totally agree when you say that when people say they have things figured out they are fooling themselves. I came to that conclusion a couple of years ago. Asking questions and doubting are sincere ways of learning more about life and God. This has been by latest approach in life, being comfortable with doubt. Thank you.


    • Noel,

      I really appreciate your comments. God is a big God. He knows our questions and our doubts and our fears and joys any way, right. I think it’s perfectly fine to actively voice them to God. I believe that’s called having a personal relationship.

      God Bless,



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