A Nation of Christians

Our founding Fathers were men of God.

Our founding Fathers were predominantly men of sincere faith.  Like another blogger, I’m am shocked that there is even a question  about this. There is currently a popular article on wordpress that is vehemently opposed to this idea for reasons of its own.  I commented on it and apparently since I disagreed with the author’s premise I was ridiculed and future comments by me have been blocked or rejected.  So much for and free exchange of ideas there…..enough said. If you click on the above picture, you can read an article based on the facts of the faiths of our founding fathers so there’s no reason for me to  go into depth about that in this post.  Suffice it to say that the framers of our government, that is the Constitution (which all federal employees must swear an oath to protect), we predominantly Christians and those who we might claim today were not, were still so highly influenced by Christianity and, if nothing else, the moral principles espoused by Christianity, that they created a nation in which faiths are protected by the government from itself. This is in stark contrast to Liberal/ Progressive revisionists who wish to follow the ideals of Stalin (Remember him? He’s the guy who made Hitler look like a Boy Scout, and Saddam Husein look like a Campfire Girl.) by making the State their god.  I have to ask, who really is attacking the principle of  the “Seperation Clause”? “In God [I] Trust”, Christopher


3 thoughts on “A Nation of Christians

  1. Others only look foolish when they publish lies and hidden agendas and then run like a coward when they are challenged for their words. You don’t look ignorant, they do, in that is your justice and validation. -watw


  2. I caught a little bit of heat for my final comments in this article. In my continuing attempt at keeping things simple and brief, a few peopl thought that I was saying that Liberal Progressive folks are all a bunch of murderers. I was really alluding to Stalin’s concerted efforts to supplant religion with the state wherein the state would be seen as the provider and sustainer of the people. Ergo, the state becomes the god of the people. Mind you the only constitution that contains the verbage, “seperation of church and state” was that of the former Soviet Union. The Church was outlawed there. On top of all that Stalin was not a nice guy.



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