Lament Psalms by You

Have you ever read the lament psalms in the Bible?  You should.  The elegance and beauty of the psalmist’s words are treasures for one’s heart and soul.  And for one’s mind, is the simple intelligence of the heart felt messages.

What is amazing, however is that the form of the messages is consistent  and usable to us today. Are you feeling stressed?  Take your stressors to God in the form of a lament psalm.  It’s simple but allows you to vent about what’s bugging you in a faithful context and offer those things to God at the same time. Yes.  I’m suggesting that you write your own lament to God.

The quality of your artistic expression is less important than the honesty of your heartfelt  expressions.  In other worlds, it’s a heart thing.  It’s what you take to God that matters (and that you are taking it to God in the first place) not the artistry of ones psalm.

First, acknowledge what God has already done for you in your life.

Second, state the current stressor or stressors.

Finally, reaffirm youryour faith in God to take care of you.

This is a highly effective type of prayer that has a place in the life of every Christian.  Try it.  You just might find that you like it. Plus, as you see God working specifically in your life, your relationship with Him will become all the more strengthed and you find yourself living with Him more and more.

God Bless,


First seen as “Take Your Stressors to God in a Lament  Psalm”, Denver Evangelical Examiner, January 16, 2011


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