John 3:16; Believe What?

Road to Faith

Is faith a road or a destination?

“I think this is useful in helping us understand because now we can say that by believing in Jesus Christ, we come to true faith.  In this case, believing is the road to our desired destination of having faith in our LORD.  But, this only really works when we realize that this kind of believing doesn’t mean that we “ think” Jesus is Christ or that He is “probably” going to be faithful to us.  No!  It means that we are “convicted” of these facts.  We know beyond a shadow of a doubt that Jesus is Christ, God in the Flesh, totally steadast in His faithfulness to us.”        Christopher C. Randolph in I Believe in Faith

As I said in before, faith, trust, hope, and, belief , more often than not, have the same root word in the original Koine Greek language of the Bible.  Further more, when other Greek words are used, a words study shows that the other words are used to describe the one in question. Mary Magdalene calls Jesus “rabouni” when she meets Him outside of the tomb and clings to her beloved teacher, never wanting Him to leave her again. That’s who she believed Jesus to be; a great teacher.  She believed what she knew at the time.  Mary was right.  Jesus was an awesome teacher.  But that’s not all.

Mary Magdalene clings to Jesus

Thomas, like many of us, was an experiential learner.  Also, like many of us, Thomas wasn’t about to take anyone else’s word for anything. When he saw and touched Jesus, then he believed He was alive.  He believed what could be experienced.

Thomas places his finger in Jesus’ side

We believe what our past has taught us.  We believe what we experience.  John 3:16 demands that we step beyond these things.  Remeber that the promise is eternal life.  Eternity is beyond our ken. We are created finite creatures. Trying to wrap our minds around the eternal is mind boggling.  It’s not what we know, nor can we simply reach out and touch it. Yet we are called to believe it, trust it, place our hope in it, to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that it exists. That’s faith and it is so vital because that is where (it’s not a “when” after all) we see and experience and really get to know God. Have you noticed that as I examine these concepts they keep flowing into one another?  There’s a lesson/message in this I’m sure. (This post is rather short since I couldn’t come up with much more than I originally wrote in I Believe in Faith back in August of last year.) God Bless, Christopher

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