John 3:16; God’s Son Jesus


 If Jesus is God’s only Son, then does that equate Jesus with God or is He merely like God?  Perhaps, He’s so much like God that it doesn’t make any difference?  These questions need to be asked, if for no other reason than so that they can be eliminated.  The reason being that if one is to believe in Him one must know who one is expected to believe in.

Christopher C. Randolph in God So Loved the World; John 3:16 Revisited


So who really is Jesus?  The Gospels give a good account of who Jesus was, but light of our discussion concerning eternal life, I think we need to concern ourselves with who Jesus is.  Eternity exists in the present tense, after all.

Of course just saying that Jesus is, I’ve played my hand, haven’t I.  This hearkens back to Moses before the burning bush when he asks God what his name is.  God simply says, “I am.”  He doesn’t say, “I was the god of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob,”  either. He says that he is the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob (Exodus 3:6).  God is eternal.  He always speaks of Himself in the present tense.

The exception to this is in regards to Jesus.  Jesus stepped out of eternity to walk in a specific time and place.  God gave Him to the world so that He could be seen and heard, smelled and touched.  God gave Jesus to the world so that God could experience and be experienced in the flesh.

Jesus’ divinity is the ultimate litmus test of Christianity.  No one who is a
Christian can deny this fact.  This is the foundation of our faith.  Period.

–excerpt from “Jesus is God”–

Jesus is God’s Son.  This is just another way of saying that Jesus is God.  Jesus was not a prophet. Nor was He an angelic messenger.  He does not represent the Kingdom.  Where He is the Kingdom of God is.  All this is to affirm the divinity  Christ Jesus.

His contemporaries knew who He claimed to be and wanted to stone Him.  Later, when brought before the Sanhedrin, that was the gist of their questioning and Jesus was branded a blasphemer and sent to Pilate to be executed (John 18:31).

Ciaphas Accuses Jesus

There are whole books on the subject of Christ‘s divinity and I could go on and on.  In a previous post called “Jesus is God”, I encouraged readers to read John’s entire Gospel since the divinity of Christ is the primary theme. I encourage you now to go back and read “Jesus is God” and then break open John’s Gospel so you can determine for yourself whether of not my words are true.

God Bless,


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  1. Yes, it is both worthwhile and important for the followers of the various faiths to continue to engage with and question ideas related to them. The most active and diligent responders will derive the most benefit from the traditions with which they are aligned and feel most affinity. Anton


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