We Have Met the Enemy…..

a wise observation



Walt Kelly’ Pogo always had something wise to say.  Frankly, I don’t know that he had exactly what I’m about to say in mind when he created the famous scene above, but, hopefully he wouldn’t disagree.

In my most recent series on John 3:16, I took brief looks at what I thought were the most pertinent concepts within that singular piece of genius teaching.  As I have ruminated all of that over the past week or so, I’ve come to the conclusion that God is doing His part in our relationships with Him.  He’s right here, calling us by name.  We are the one’s who do not respond and grab on to Him for dear life (c.f.  “….Jesus and Mary Magdalene at The Tomb”).  As such we are our own worst enemies.

Yea.  I mean “we”.  I totally include myself in this at least as much as anyone else.

I’m not even sure what to do about it.  I have some ideas.  Doing more in the community to demonstrate God’s Love.  Even more that rounding up people in our churches to so en masse.  Seriously.  Church is a waste of time if we don’t act out our faith.  That is not being a Christian.  I don’t know what it is.  At best it makes one a fan of Christ.  At worst, it makes one a liar and a hypocrite, a sham.  Yep, I continue to talk about myself as much as anyone.  And the adversary continues to snicker in the background at all of us.  And preachers and pastors and teachers reading this, that means you too.  We are all included in this.  Nothing we do on any given Sunday matters one iota if it doesn’t translate into actin on Monday, or better yet Thursday or Friday.

Church leaders need to lead in this, I think.  That’s what it means to be a leader.  If you don’t go anywhere, there’s nothing to follow.  Right? This, “I tell my flock to…” or “They know they have my permission to…” stuff.  Jesus used the term “sheep” as more than just a tool to connect to His audience.  We are sheep.  Left to our own devices we are going to wander around aimlessly looking for something to meet our current needs.  We get lost and fall down and need some one to find us and pick us back up.  But more than that, we need a shepherd to lead us in going and doing.  If it’s not you, it will be some one else.  That’s what sheep do.  They will follow anyone when the shepherd is not around.  I know I have experienced this phenomena with real sheep.

And we sheep need to wake up and be willing to get our proverbial hands dirty in the muck of the world.  We need to let our actions speak for us.  We don’t have anything new to say anyway.  I think it’s time to put up or shut up. Me too.  I don’t know exactly what this will look like, but I know that hate mongering against anyone is definitely not being a light of christ’s love to the world.

I for one am open to suggestions.




21 thoughts on “We Have Met the Enemy…..

  1. Reblogged this on My Blog and commented:
    Brother Randolf is right in this, we are our own worst enemies. But I think that perhaps, we are beginning to change and a great renewal is happening. Many Pastors are realizing that they need to change and are doing so. Thank you for this excellent post my friend!


  2. A lot of pastors admonish congregations for not attending ‘the building’ every time the doors are open. Fellowship with our brethren is certainly our duty but if it ends there then we are nothing but ‘luke warm’ attendees. People are so accustomed to ‘fitting in’ out in the world that even though they truly want to live for Christ they fear being singled out as ‘out of step’ with the times or just plain nut jobs. Morality, decency, honesty, integrity, being the same Monday through Saturday as you are on Sunday is no longer seen as the ‘way to be’……


  3. Just discovered your site. Very good! (Thanks, Loopy.) I’m glad you are willing to take on one of the most difficult of subjects. I wrote an entire book about it (and included the Pogo reference!), as have many, and many books, papers, and teaching sessions continue coming forth.

    I have made it easy by identifying two Christianities—the real and the unreal. The real submits to the Lord Jesus 100% and follows only Him. The unreal does not. The Word of God contains all we need to know for correct discipleship. But because so many “Christians” have strayed from the truth, those with the truth must reveal the unreal for what it is. This takes many forms. One cannot necessarily teach those who refuse to be taught, but one can shine a light and be graceful. Keep up the good work.


  4. Two things, first thanks for the response to my recent post, but more important is my second comment. I want to point out that despite me not being a Christian, I definitely believe the words that you have put to this electronic page. I don’t believe that we need to be Christian, Wiccan, Hindu or any other religion to understand that without community and without giving to that community we are not fulfilling our potential as human beings.

    This was a great post.


  5. I have just made the decision to leave the church I have been attending for several years and my depression immediately lifted. Too many churches are out of touch with their reason for being. On my blog a woman wrote about going to a pastor and telling him she was suicidal. She said she could see in his eyes that he wanted her to leave so she did. Fortunately she found help elsewhere. Unfortunately it wasn’t Christian help.


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