What is the Gospel?

What do you say the Gospel is? I know what I think but I want to know what you think the Gospel is.  I don’t care what brand of Christian you consider yourself to be.  Please post your belief in a comment.  To tell the truth, I dom’t even care if you are a Christian or not.  Go ahead and post what you think.  a nonChristian’s idea might even be the most enlightening perspective of all.

God Bless,


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20 thoughts on “What is the Gospel?

  1. the gospel is where God’s righteousness is revealed and not man’s sinfulness. God’s righteousness revealed is Jesus, that if man believes in Jesus, God calls the man righteous.

    what the gospel is not, telling people to stop sin.
    the gospel is not about morality, or right or wrong.

    the gospel is about grace, that when we have abundance of grace we will reign in this life.

    – grace and peace


  2. The Great Exchange:
    Jesus’ righteousness for my filthiness
    Jesus’ sinlessness for my sin
    eternal life for eternal death
    God’s peace for my conflict
    God’s grace for my guilt
    God’s Spirit for my emptiness
    That’s just a start…


  3. The word “gospel” means “good news”. The gospel of the kingdom of God is about a world government that Jesus Christ will establish on this earth. The Bible reveals that Jesus will return to Jerusalem (Zecharia 14:4).


  4. The Good News is that God has made it possible for us to return to the state of Adam and Eve again (and grow beyond), has destroyed the power which death held over us before, and has opened the gates of Heaven to us.


      • I’m Eastern Orthodox. We believe that Adam and Eve weren’t created perfect, rather they were created in order to grow closer to God, to learn more about Him, and to become more like Him as their relationship with God grew. As created, and before the Fall, they were sinless. Through baptism and chrismation we believe that our souls become like Adam and Eve’s again, and if we can live holy lives, then we can continue to grow past this initial stage, like God had originally ordained for us. We believe that since God is infinite, even after we die and should we go to Heaven, we still will have the opportunity to continue to grow and learn endlessly, just as God is endless.


        • I like the idea of life and growth occuring even after we “die”. I’m intrigued by the juxtaposition of us and Adam and Eve as well. In salvation are believers defacto Adams and Eves whether we realize it or not, or is that the goal?


          • I think that we are defacto Adam and Eves, or rather that Adam and Eve represent the whole human race. Just as Adam and Eve turned away from God and believed that they could figure things out themselves and didn’t need to rely on Him (represented by the eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil) most of us turn away from God as well, thinking that we have everything we need to figure life out. And just like Adam and Eve, the result of this is that we have shut ourselves out of the Kingdom of God. In Orthodox theology the whole “gist” of Bible history is God interacting with us, trying to show us how it is that we were created to be and finally, by uniting HIs nature with ours in the person of Jesus Christ, making it possible for those who turn back to him to enter back in to the Paradise we’ve been shut out from; His constant presence. The Orthodox icon of the Resurrection is quite telling I think. Instead of showing Christ resurrecting from the dead, it shows Him down in the underworld resurrecting Adam and Eve and the other righteous believers: us! To see an example you can look here: http://goo.gl/Ax2Ye In it Christ is standing on the gates of Hades, trampling down an anthropomorphized Death by His own death, raising Adam and Eve from their tombs, while John the Baptist, Kings David and Solomon, Noah, and others look on.


            • I certainly hope you stick around in this little corner of the web, my friend. Feel free to interject your take on anything I have suggested or will suggest. The truth shall set us free, after all.

              I am, persoanally drawn to your concept of Biblical repentence which is the re-turning to God.

              God Bless


              • Certainly, I’m more than glad to share, and not only that but to enter into conversation! Likewise, if you ever wonder anything, or are just curious about Orthodoxy or what we believe on certain subjects, I’m more than happy to respond either on our blogs or through e-mail. God bless!


              • I had lots of interesting conversations with a co-worker who was Orthodox. Certainly something to be learned, even for a Baptist like me.

                As for the original topic on Adam and Eve’s “state” before the fall, I think of it as a state of innocence, not perfection. While God’s goal is the return to the Paradise of Eden, His goal for us not a return to innocence, but the glorious change found in redemption.

                I am also entranced by the idea of continual learning/growth on the new Earth. I think writers like C. S. Lewis, Randy Alcorn, and others are on the right track with that.


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