Jesus, I Have a Lot of Questions

Really Jesus?

The title of this post is an affirmation that even as I write these questioning post of late, I am not only bringing them to whomever might read the blog, I am also asking them of Jesus as well.  In fact, I ask these questions of my Lord numerous times before they appear in the blogosphere. Just so you know.

Here’s a run-down of recent activity on this little blog of mine:

We once again pondered the age of the world according to the first few chapters of Genesis in  The Day God Created Man…. and More on Early Genesis….

We briefly talked about what it means to be a Christian in What is the Gospel?, Jesus, the Gospel and other Essentials of the Christian Faith, and A Christian Is….

And, we, more or less began the journey with Questioning Faith.

Actually, now that I think about it I, personally got going on this whole questioning kick with We Have Met the Enemy or maybe back when I wrote The Trivilalization of Jesus.

I sometimes wonder why I write this stuff.  What difference does it make?  Does anyone really care what I think.  Do I do it just to satisfy my ego? Is this just the adversary trying to get me to stop?  Maybe it’s God helping me stay focused?  Maybe I’m just crazy? Well, writing this stuff out does help me clarify my thoughts and I purposefully blog it so that others can read it and tell me if I’m full of it or not. I want comments and questions and try to make that abundantly clear.  I’m not afraid of being proven wrong.  Sometimes I wish I was wrong.

Considering the increased number of views and comments and follows the blog is receiving since just before Easter when this began in earnest, it seems that I’m not the only one with these questions.  So people do care and these posts are making a difference.  It has over 8,000 views now which may not seem like a lot to some bloggers but with almost half of those in the last month and a half, to this blog, it’s a big deal.

To be honest, I can’t sop asking questions.  I am hard-wired to do so.  What else is a guy with a 140 IQ and an INTP personality going to do? Accepting something just because someone says it’s so just isn’t going to happen, not when claims can be investigated.  So that’s what I do.  And I post so I can share.

Enough about me….  My next question concerns the local church.  Taking into account the early Church of the New Testament as well as what has happened to it since and the contemporary Church, what would your “perfect church be like”?  Maybe ask yourself “If I were a pastor this is what I would do.”

There’s one rule to this and that is to be respectful of everyone’s idea.  Many Christians have differing views about what they believe the Bible stipulates about certain aspects of the church and authority and such.  However, nowadays there are men and women and believers and nonbelievers reading and following this blog an a daily basis.  I want to hear from any and everyone on this so all are encouraged and welcome to chime in.  Maybe in a couple of days I’ll post my “perfect church” ideas and then you can say whatever you want about that.  Fair enough?  Good.  I’m looking forward to your responses.

God Bless,


18 thoughts on “Jesus, I Have a Lot of Questions

  1. I go to the perfect church.
    I say this because the church I attend is run by the Lord by HIS HOLY SPIRIT. You can always feel HIS presence moving amongst us. The pastor never speaks until moved by the Holy Spirit. Sometimes he doesn’t speak at all as the Holy Spirit Ministers to us and heals. Sometimes only worship with music happens during the service. Not all the times but sometimes. There’s always a prayer call where if you need prayer you can step out into the aisle and then those who did not step out can come and pray for you and with you. Even anointing you with oil at times when the spirit leads. The Holy Spirit runs the church I attend and that’s how all churches should be. God is not inside a box. God is in charge and in control. God’s will is done. Man is not in Charge. Sometimes things the Lord moves us to do may seem weird they do to me at times too however it’s always for HIM. And HE knows why HE asks what HE does. All I can say is Holy Spirit move in this place.

    Bind us together Lord Bind us together Lord with cords that can not be broken Bind us together Lord Bind us together Lord Bind us together in Love

    There is only One God There is only one God


  2. Any and all questions about Jesus are answered in the Bible, no mystery. The mystery comes when you have to trudge through peoples opinions and doctrines they learn that are not even in the Bible. God’s word is in the Bible, everything else doesn’t matter when it comes to your salvation. God warns to add anything to it results in a curse.


  3. We love our church because of some of the great folks there. The best thing is that there are folks who want to minister to our daughter. She is 8 and non-verbal, in a wheelchair, etc. We came to our current church because they had a ministry to children with special needs. There are plenty of other good things, but this was the key for us.

    A perfect church will only exist in heaven. I think it might be dangerous to try and hope for one here. That will only lead to disappointment – eventually. To me the important thing is to stay loyal, keep loving, and keep serving. There are times to leave, but I think it should be very rare.

    I do think the Bible has plenty of characteristics for healthy churches, though. Godly leadership, the use of the Spirits’ gifts by all members, impartiality, encouragement, and meeting each other’s needs are some big ones.


    • I’m not saying my church is perfect, but it tells and proves the truth that is in your Bible. They teach to live as Christ did. If a church teaches 1 thing contrary to the Bible, I’m sure it teaches many other false doctrines like the 2 commandment statement Christopher believes. My church teaches there are 10. Moses brought down 2 tablets but they contained 10 loving commandments written in stone.


        • Did Calvin write the Bible? Jesus said that, but he wrote 10 commandments. Should he have to reiterate? He wrote the commandments in stone, he knows if you truly love him, you keep all 10 and never try to convince anyone there’s only 2. Unless he wrote new commandments in stone containing only 2 I’d see some validity to your belief of only 2 to follow. I love God and I’ll never try to take away from anything I know he wants to do or believe.


            • The Bible is the inspired word of God. In the Bible who is the word? Jesus is the word, so yes Jesus inspired every word written in the Bible. You keep saying there is only 2. Jesus surely means if you love me and if you love your brother you will keep my Father’s commandments, all 10. Show me where he did away with the other 8.


  4. As one of your non-Christian followers my perfect church would be one that is not Christian. I don’t mean that in a dismissive, anti-Christian or combative sense but rather as follows. A perfect church would be a community of good people who, filled with a sense of awe and wonder at the universe, gathered together to share ideas and teachings from various faiths and philosophies, and to help and support each other in practical ways, without preconditions or prejudice, to build a more spiritually focused society and a better, more just and equal world.


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