Praising God; Do You Ever Wonder?

Praising God

I’ve been thinking (“Again?” you might ask)…  I know how I feel when my wife says something specially nice to me.  My feet don’t touch the ground.  In times like those, I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that anything is possible.  “Honey, you are awesome.” Are you kidding me?  If anyone else says that, I’m like, “Yea.  Whatever.”  But when the love of my life says something like that…. whoooooaa.   If she asked me to fly her to the moon right after that, I’m pretty darn sure I can do it.   I’m serious.  Sometimes I wonder if women know what kind of power is at their disposal.  A kind word in their man’s direction and there you go.

Do you ever wonder if Jesus is like that? When (if?) His bride looks at him and says, “Wow.  You are awesome”, do you think He gets puffed up and wants to do anything she asks just for the sake of doing it for her?

Churches do this every weekend.  We do the praise and worship.  Say a prayer.  Hear the Word.  And we call that Church.  There’s nothing wrong with that.  that’s not what I’m saying.  But I’m reminded of a line from one of the Pirates of the Caribbean movies; the second one, I think.  The pirates are trying to lift a curse and they have some words that someone must recite for the desired effect.  The first guy says it like a high falooting prayer….Nothing happens.  This one-eyed pirate steps up and clarifies that it must be said as if to a lover.  That does the trick.

It’s the way our wives say those things.  “The car looks great, hon.”  “Thanks for taking out the garbage, dear.” Boom.  We’re putty in your hands. And that’s a secret to praising Jesus as well.  We need to mean it.  We need to praise Him as if to a lover.  Yea.  It might sound awkward to us guys to think that way about Jesus but that’s not really the point.  As the Church, we the people, need to give more than lip service to the idea of being the “Bride of Christ”.  We have to act that way if we want to be affectual here on earth.  If we truly love the Lord, we need to show it and not be ashamed.  It’s not the words so much as it’s the heart behind them that matter most. Those who truly do Love Jesus know what I’m talking about.  If that’s you then I challenge you to lead the way for your brothers and sisters all around you.

God Bless,



2 thoughts on “Praising God; Do You Ever Wonder?

    • That’s what I’m talking about. Praising God.
      And of course, one another. Most of us are keenly aware of our faults. These faults should not be ignored but many of them can be handled better if not conquered better with positive support from our loved ones especially.


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