What’s It All About Jesus?

The righteous shall live by faith


Sometimes when I’m teaching students how to read and I want them to test their comprehension, I’ll walk up to their desk and place my hand down on top of their book and ask them “What’s it about?”  Invariably, they want to look around or through my hand so they can find some key words or the topic sentence because that’s what they’ve been trained to do.  “Just tell me what you’ve been thinking as you read?”  I say.  “Ummmm. Whales are big?”  Then I take my hand off the page and we scan the page using our study skills to double-check. They are almost always right.  “You just told me the main idea in your own words,” I say, “Good job.”

What’s my point?

My point is that we can do all the Scriptural studies and divide the Bible this way and that way but there comes a time when we just have to close the Book and ask ourselves, “What’s it all about?”

I have come to the conclusion that the Bible is about living by faith.  Period.

The prophet said, “The righteous  lives by his  faith.” (Habakkuk 2:4 ESV).  Paul based his letter to the Roman church on this verse as well as at least had it in mind as he wrote much of Hebrews.  If Paul had what we might call a “life verse”, this is it.  If Revelation has a single message it’s “Have Faith.”

We can break it down this way:

Righteousness is being right with God/who our Father created you to be.

True Life is granted through the Holy Spirit.  A person who does not have the Holy Spirit in him or her is spiritually dead.

Faith is that deep trust beyond-a-shadow-of-a-doubt in Jesus and His Gospel.

If we wish to be who our Father intends us to be, we must partner with the Holy Spirit to live out the Gospel of Jesus Christ.  The question now is: What does that look like?  This is really what I’ve been trying to figure out. Isn’t it?

Help me out here.

God Bless,



6 thoughts on “What’s It All About Jesus?

  1. I was ‘sort of’ thinking along these lines myself today…about what we Christians should look like going through this life of ours in this world. Some are very ‘holy’ in the way they live. And we should strive to be holy. But what I mean is that some seem to think that there’s something wrong with doing anything that is not quoting Scriptures, being serious, listening only to certain types of music and so forth. But God created the world and everything in it, and gave man dominion over it all. Did He create it all for us not to enjoy it? Not to have fun and laugh and things like that? Should we be reprimanded if we’re doing something that isn’t strictly according to the words on the page of the Bible? I’m not talking about sinning. We do have to be led by the Spirit, not the flesh. But for me…my faith is absolutely central to my being. Everything else in my life centers around my faith in Jesus Christ. But I write poetry about experiences where I don’t say anything about God in them. I talk to people about other things besides my faith.

    The Bible does say we’re supposed to look different than everyone else. But that comes from within, I think. I’ve had people tell me…non-Christians…that I had a light in my eyes, or comments like that. I think that it doesn’t mean we can’t do all sorts of things (not sinful…again), but that if He is in us and we’re living by faith, people will see that. They’ll see that light…they’ll see His love through our actions and our speech.

    I have no idea if I’ve answered the question you intended. It just seemed to me to go along with those thoughts that I had been thinking. today.


    • That’s pretty much where I am too. We focus on not being of the world so much that we forget that we are still in the world. Paul tells us that all things are open to the faithful and balances that with reminding us to make everything proceed from faith. He also encourages us to be like him and he strove to be all things to all people for the sake of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. That’s what I meant the other day when I said that the church already is relevant to the world. It can’t know that, however, unless we are out there living the Gospel.



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  3. In one of my preaching classes, the professor said (or one of our books did) that every good sermon could be boiled down to encouraging hearers to “trust God.” I think that is what you are getting at here. Whatever the issue, trusting God is the core decision we must make. Do we trust Him with our finances, our kids, our church, our work — every aspect of life?

    Trust comes from relationship. I can’t trust a God I don’t know. And that knowledge comes from Scripture and experience.

    Just a few thoughts to throw into the mix…


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