Holy Pentecost!

Flames Like Tongues

Pentecostal Flames caught by the camera of Randy Timmerman

Pentecost Sunday.  This is the day Christians remember the beginning of Christ‘s Church on earth.  Jesus‘ followers were crammed into the upper room of a house, wishing to know what was to become of them. They were frightened and confused.  they had no direction and felt as those they had no one to guide them.  Then a wind howled through the room and tongues like fire descended upon the believers and they were filled with the Spirit of God and were empowered and began speaking in tongues and could remain hidden no longer so they spilled out onto the streets and the people came running to them by the thousands to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior.

The photographs in this post are undoctored in any way.  They were originally published in “Revival Fire in The Mountains” in which I described the event itself. The fire in the picture above looks huge but was, in fact, very small.  It was just big enough to stay lit, in fact.  Notice the flames resting on the worshippers.  Look closely and you will see that they rest on some but not all of the worshippers.  It’s Pentecostal fire, my friends: the fire of the Holy Spirit.  Of this there can be no doubt.  Ask any of the hundreds of men and young men who were present that evening and they will tell you, beyond a shadow of a doubt, the Holy Spirit came down like few had ever experienced and of them, not in a very long time.  These photos are evidence of what all witnessed and experienced that evening.  There is absolutely no question of this.

I was blessed to help out that week and one of my duties was to assist the campers in checking in.  One after the other expressed the troubles they experienced in the weeks preceding this Territorial Rendezvous.  Not a few felt it was a God thing that they even made it.  Jobs had been lost.  Family issues reared up.  Others fought off the inexplicable urge to simply not come and even quit the Royal Ranger program altogether.  All knew in their hearts that they had to be there that week.  No one knew why.  Me?  There was no good reason that I or my son made it there either except that we felt we needed to be there and a good friend knew it was important as well and made sure we got there.

There was an expectancy in our hearts.  Randy, the leader who was in charge, followed his heart in not over planning.  “We’re going to let God be God this week,” he kept repeating to the leaders as they arrived. I know for a fact that this was very much a faith statement on his part.  He hoped and prayed that it would be a good week.  This event almost didn’t take place at all. The original host site balked.  The second site was in danger of bursting into flames and this one was far away for many of us. As  men arrived after weeks of personal trials and days of travel, the sense of relief and blessing to have merely arrived was evident all around the camp.

and fire came down

A Flame as if From Heaven by Randy Timmerman

31 thoughts on “Holy Pentecost!

      • Unfortunately, all these ‘witnesses’ would be considered biased. Furthermore, to state this ‘flame’ came from heaven is somewhat ambiguous.
        Where is this heaven?
        Certainly not “Up there” .

        Sorry, this is a bit like asking me to accept the story of the resurrection. Granted, you have a photo, but I only have your word for it that it came from heaven. Not that I am suggesting you are lying, merely your interpretation o what you saw is likely flawed. Though doubt you will ever consider this.
        Have you submitted the photograph and details of the event to anyone of a scientific background who may be expert in matters pertaining to combustion?
        If not, maybe you should?


        • So, your argument is that the camera is flawed? Or that there must be some other explanation? Both possibilities. However, such suggestions stem from your own bias. Furthermore, the explanation given fits the circumstance perfectly. Since the camera is not broken and the witnesses are truthful and reliable, the conclusion above is the most logical explanation. They illustrate exactly the experience of that time and place.


          • The camera sees what it sees. I did not suggest it was faulty.Neither am I suggesting you are lying.
            The bias from onlookers is obvious, since they are believers and will naturally lean toward an explanation that fits their belief.
            Now, maybe if your god poked his head out of the clouds and with a grin on his face said something like “Neat, hey?” this might be cause for everyone present to think, “Ah, god!”
            Being truthful is not the issue. They will report what they saw, which is not the same as saying they saw a flame from heaven, for this is a ridiculous suggestion without substance.
            If this phenomena cannot be explained via any rational explanation then we are talking about something supernatural and at this point your problems are increased at least tenfold.

            Sorry, but you are going to have to do a whole lot better than that even to convince fellow christians or other religious folk, let alone an outright atheist such as me! Best of luck with THAT.

            In the meantime it must be good for business, and unlike a businessman’s code of ethics, religion offers the opportunity to sidestep such niggly issues without a second thought.
            God’s will. LOL!


            • I did not mean that I thought you were implying that anyone was lying. My point was that the explanation given is rational and the best one given the evidence.
              If I said that Evlis Costello showed up that night and most of the folks there met him and someone caught him on camera that would be considered sufficient evidence for his being in attendance, as unlikely as that might be.
              This is no different.


              • ”My point was that the explanation given is rational and the best one given the evidence.”

                How do arrive at this? You have no description of heaven, no idea where it is, no vocal announcement from beyond and yet immediately claim that a fire in an old (what looks like) oil drum is a result of heavenly intervention?
                Why not the exhaust flame from a UFO operating under the protection of a cloak of invisibility?
                No doubt the first witnesses to the Auroraborealia made similar connections, gods, devils, heaven,etc.
                Does this make it so?
                You sound like a reasonably intelligent feller, but continuing along this path you are making a mockery of fellow christians, and further sullying what meagre credibility you might have.
                Again, I strongly suggest you have this phenomena examined and investigated by proper scientists.
                If they cannot provide a logical answer then at least you have eliminated one avenue, which only strengthens your claim for some sort of Yahwist intervention. If you continue to dig your heels in with this claim then you are merely opening yourself up to serious ridicule.
                Maybe you don’t care?But it would be nice to see you approach this issue at least in an honest open fashion.


  1. Furthermore, in the second photograph the caption reads “A Flame as if From Heaven by Randy Timmerman”

    The as if is important here,and does not state that it WAS from heaven.
    That’s succinct enough to warrant ridicule for your claim.
    Also in the second shot: the long winding line is quite easily reproduced – time lapse-as I am sure you are aware.


      • No, you are trying to impose your belief on a skeptic. I ask perfectly honest questions and make suggestions that would benefit your claim which you reject out of hand and expect me to accept what I see in a photograph and believe your words?
        Would you believe similar claims from a Muslim?
        Do you accept that Muhammad rode on a winged horse?
        I sincerely hope not!
        This is a case of help me to help you…
        If you do not wish to be regarded as a raving nutcase and continue to sidestep my requests/suggestion then I reiterate, you are merely setting yourself up to look silly…very silly.

        Maybe start with a list of sworn affidavits from the witnesses that this was a fire from god, and include a space for them to explain how they know this?


          • Well, no, and yes.If they claimed Elvis Costello had turned up I would only call them to task if his appearance clashed with his current UK tour, which would make an appearance round your oil drum difficult, but not impossible.
            If they produced photographs that listed the time of the pic and it didn’t jar with a concert appearance this would also add credence to your claim.

            But this seems a rather silly analogy, don’t you think?
            Even you must realise that if Costello was playing a gig in London at the time your congregation claimed he was with them, who would likely be believed? The concert audience or a small group of Pentecostal christians ? One or the other would likely be an imposter, yes?

            Firstly, if I was around that oil drum, I would demand he sang ‘I don’t want to go to Chelsea.”, not least because it is my favorite Elvis Costello song. The I’d take his picture, get his autograph and then I’d likely ring up his mum, and his manager.


            • LOL. You probably would do all of that.
              But no, the analogy is good.

              For example, how do you know that Evlis Costello exists? You have listened to his music, seen alleged pictures of him, maybe seen him in concert I have, etc. But how could you prove that he exists to someone who did not believe in him? I mean really “Elvis Costello “? That is a ridiculous sounding name, after all.


              • Well, it’s not his real name, of course. You know this right?

                I would use the same methods to establish his credibility as a real person as I would for Julius Caesar, for instance, and I’d have the added bonus of CD, Pictures, video, and the sworn affidavit from his mum and probably a birth certificate, a concert program and ticket and numerous other bit of paraphernalia.
                Also I could always jump on a plane and arrange to meet the bloke, and take any Doubting Thomases with me,could I not?
                And for what good reason would I be doubted? Not as if I am claiming anything supernatural.

                Compare this to a single photo of a sheet of flame and a rather dubious claim from a bunch of folk who look like they might be freezing their you-know-what’s-off telling me this was from Heaven!
                I reckon I would stand a pretty good chance of beating your claim hands down, even if no body had heard of a wacko musician with a daft name.


  2. Absolutely…so we are reduced to the law of probability.
    Therefore, is it more likely that with all the evidence I have produced for Elvis Costello, having no ulterior motive, having been asked to produce such evidence rather than opening a church and preaching the Word of Elvis, is it reasonable to assert that I am in fact telling the truth? ( Unless I am myself the victim of a ruse? ) Yes? No ? Phone a friend?

    Now, compare the above example against a photograph depicting a sheet of flame coming out of an old tin can which some bloke on a blog claims is a sign from his god, God, and lets ask the public which is the likely winner of the More Believable Event of The Year Award.

    Um… I would venture this is a ”No Brainer,” Christopher, and you would be going home without a trophy I’m afraid. It doesn’t matter of course as I am sure Jesus still loves you…even if his Dad has a strange way of drawing your attention to the fact.


    • So you say because of your perspective. You come to your conclusion because of your disbelief even though it is
      irritational to ignore the evidence based solely on one’s disagreement with the evidence.
      You do realize that your argument boils down to not believing because you don’t believe. I am relating an actual event and have produced authentic evidence of the supernatural nature of the event.

      Once again, it is as I said before;faith preceeds facts. Or, to put it another way, believing is seeing.


      • No. You have not produced authentic evidence as we know that photographs can be manipulate. You CLAIM this is not so.
        ”You do realize that your argument boils down to not believing because you don’t believe.”
        The first explores who claimed they had seen animals 12 feet tall with long necks were considered charlatans. Until they produced a giraffe. This dispelled any argument in an instant.
        Your photograph is one step along a chain to establishing the evidence is proof of your claim. On iy own it is not proof. It is merely a photograph.

        As I suggested, produce affidavits and a written explanation from each supposed independant witness. This is a first step.
        Then follow this up with a scientific enquiry.
        Faith in this (religious) is simply a product of inculcation and cultural bias.
        Joseph Smith claimed his tablets were from god or at least Moroni….do you believe him?
        Why is this not evidence?


        • You do realize that now your argument has degenerated to saying that I am lying. This wasan actual event these are puctures from thatevent that deny explanation since the only visible fire that evening was a very small one in the “can”. The most rational explanation is the one I’ve given based on the nature of the evening.


          • No, I am not saying you’re lying but at least you can understand my reticence to accept your word based on such flimsy evidence. You scoff at the Mormon analogy yet seem insulted that I doubt your photograph. At least Joseph Smith had the tablets he claimed.
            That you are now getting emotional about it makes me even less inclined to consider.

            There UFO pictures that defy rational explanation. This does not mean they are not natural phenomena.
            If you choose to start to get all huffy, so be it. That is no more a mature response than merely expecting me to believe your initial explanation.
            For the record, I have asked a couple of people t visit this post and tell me what they think. One was a Christian who I think is bat-shit crazy and even he said this was, “Nutty”.


            • I am not insulted in the least. I’m just saying that your argument has degenerated to basically that. Do you even have pictures of Joseph Smith and Moroni? Was anyone else there to witness what he said? Apples and oranges.

              UFOs? Well some of the videos are intriguing, you have to admit. But, once again, that’s changing the subject.

              I maintain that believing is seeing. When you believe, come back and this post will be obvious to you.


              • I have nothing against you claiming faith. That is after all what the christian religion is based upon. As Mark Twain said: Belief in something you know ain’t true.

                ”Do you even have pictures of Joseph Smith and Moroni?”

                Do have pictures of Mary and Gabriel? ( I’ll take a sketch in lieu of a camera. I’m not unreasonable) Aaah…Sorry Christopher…busted!

                Nice try…but this won’t cut it. ‘
                Be happy. ‘Jesus still wants you for a sunbeam’, I’m sure


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