I’ve Been Thinking About Jesus

You can do a lot worse than emulating Rev. Graham

Have you ever noticed that evangelists think everyone ought to be evangelist?  And that Bible scholars think everyone needs to dig deep into the Word.  Prophets proclaim that anyone can speak prophetically….  I know…. they ae all just talking about what they do.  they should be excited about their gifts from the Spirit. Or are they “of” the Spirit? Spiritual gifts?   The point is, when one is working in the Spirit one is most alive.  That’s exciting!  Why wouldn’t anyone want to spread that excitement and joy?

Jesus teaching in the temple.

Me, I’m a teacher so when I read the Gospels I see what a consummate teacher Jesus is. I also  read passages in which Jesus is referred to as a teacher.  Mary, for instance calls Him “Raboni!” when she encounters Jesus outside the tomb (c.f. The Last Temptation of Christ: Jesus and Mary Magdelene at the Tomb ).  In all, Jesus is referred to as a “teacher” 47 times in the Gospels (ESV).

Jesus was transparent even when His audience didn’t understand what He was saying.  In this way, He also took risks because, even at times when we read His words we are left saying, “Huh?” even though his listeners want to stone Him for blasphemy.  Jesus utilizes all of our senses in His lessons.  We are told to look at flowers and sparrows and trees.  He draws on the ground.  Think of the stench that followed Lazarus out of his tomb or the fragrance that filled the house when Jesus’ feet were bathed in perfume.  What did the bread and fish taste like… or the wine ate the wedding feast.  As you read the gospels do you ever imagine the sound of Jesus’s feet as he strode from one town to the next  What did the bread sound like as he broke it for His students on the road to Emmaus. What would it be like to be held in His arms like Mary?  Or to hug Him back for that matter?

Touching Jesus and being touched by the hands of God.

Those around Him shared experiences such as travelling across the sea in a storm, healing the sick and lame, casting out demons, walking miles together along dusty roads in the Summer heat.  They stayed together, apparently often in one room.  Think of that.  Thirteen guys sleeping in one room after a full day of walking and preaching/teaching .  It must have taken some getting used to.  I’ll just leave it at that.  But it’s obvious from the Gospels that this group of guys experienced life together with Jesus.  He was real.  He did everything they did.  there was joy and sadness.  There were fun times and times that were scary.  Sometimes it was just the thirteen, and sometimes there were others (even thousands).  The disciples were equipped by living the Gospel and learning along the way from the Master.

Walking with Jesus means treading through the dust and rocks of this life.

My prayer at this juncture of my life is that my Lord has been equipping me for His service as well through our life together.  Of course, this prayer does not only pertain to me but to you the reader.  May you find divine purpose in all that you have lived and in your life as it proceeds.  Amen.

God Bless,


6 thoughts on “I’ve Been Thinking About Jesus

  1. My Brother, this is truly a thought provoking lesson. Thank you for sharing your insights to our Lord and Savior. May God continue to equip you, as He blesses you for your walk with Him day by day.


  2. I really liked how you helped us think of Jesus even more, in a sensory way! And to think of all the ways He is equipping us for this day and all our tomorrows as well. God bless you!


  3. Chris,
    You commented on my blog a while ago.
    I had to reconsider my response to yours.
    We ARE commanded to love God.
    I did not want to leave that subject without correction.
    The command is actually the context for the Ten Commandments.(Deuteronomy)
    As Martin Luther pointed out,”We do not disobey any of the other commandments until we first disobey this, “You shall love the Lord your God.”
    Thanks and God bless,


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