21 Days to Renewal and Spiritual Awakening by Jane Morin

21 Days to Spiritua; Awakening

21 Days to Spiritual Awakening

21 Days to Renewal and Spiritual Awakening: Unveiling the Bride of Christ

I don’t often write book reviews but when a friend like Jane Morin asks me to I can’t but comply.  Jane is an award winning author and international speaker who leads her ministries out of Texas.  Not to mention that she is a great person and inspirational follower of Christ.

In her most inspired book to date, 21 Days to Renewal and Spiritual Awakening, Jane Morin guides her readers toward their own, personal, spiritual revivals.  Jane’s counseling skills shine through the pages as the reader is asked to alter his or her personal perception about their relationship with Christ.

Believers are the Church, the bride of Christ, after all.  In an intimate relationship such as a marriage, we must think of our spouse first. This means that we must take the time and make the effort to tweak those things about us that hinder our relationship out of love and respect for our spouse.  In the end, we find that we are the better for it. That’s what 21 Days to Renewal and Spiritual Awakening is all about; bringing one’s relationship with Christ to another, closer, more intimate level.  In the end, the active reader is the better for it.

What a blessing 21 Days to Renewal and Spiritual Awakening is!  If you are not serious about your relationship with Christ Jesus on the first day, you certainly will be on the 21st.

Be Blessed,

Christopher C. Randolph

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