The Wise Man Considers the Ages

A wise man, when deliberating about important matters, will take into account the advice and evidence from all of his advisers   He certainly will not implement a conclusion in isolation nor will his conclusion be developed solely on the information of one counselor  excluding all others. That would not be wise.

Science and religion.  Is their really a dichotmy?

Science and religion. Is there really a dichotomy?

My science adviser tells me that the earth is tens of millions of years old. My theology adviser tells me that humans were formed by God on the sixth day of creation. These are not mutually exclusive ideas.  Wisdom, then, suggests that human beings have been around for tens of millions of years.

Stay with me as I follow this train of thought, if you will. It is easy to surmise awesome ancient cultures far more advanced than ours. This would explain any number unexplained mysteries.  But that is neither here nor there. We can imagine great achievements in technology.  There could have been awe inspiring advancements in medicine.  The mysticism of the ancients may have been marvelous.  Our known history pales in comparison to the possibilities contained in millions of years rather than a paltry few thousand. I can’t think of a single aspect of any society known to history including those of today that could not be bettered by those that came before and all of the ancient societies failed miserably as evidenced by the fact that they no longer exist.

Be that as it may, the world of today can be envisioned as a backward planet when compared to previous eons. But, if I amd to be wise in my personal deliberations then I must continue to listen to my theological advisor as well as my science advisor. My theological advisor tells me about God’s interaction with the world in the last few thousand years.  He even tells me an incredible story of God incarnating about two thousand yeard ago in Israel.  The story goes on to describe how this person was executed for the sins of the world and the was raised to lead His peopole into eternal life. He tells me that if I simply place my faith in this Savior of humanity, that I too may have eternal life.

So, no matter how vast or monumental, no matter how advanced or sophisticated those long corgotten civilizations might have been, they all lacked one thing that we have today. Each of those qncient civilizations lacked our savior.  Therefore, we are far more fortunate than the societies that proceeded us.  We have the advantage given to us by our faith in Jesus Christ: eternal life.

God Bless,



3 thoughts on “The Wise Man Considers the Ages

  1. I really love the line of thinking you present here. You allow for questions that open up into more questions instead of seeking to close down toward easy answers. This is a trait lacking in too many believers. I very much enjoyed this. Thank you!


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