The Prosperity Gospel Heresy

two heretics

Two highly popular heretics, TD Jakes and Joel Osteen.

Joel Osteen.  What can be said of him that hasn’t already been said? He’s an extremely popular speaker.  I don’t say that he’s a preacher because I don’t believe that he is one.  A preacher expounds upon the Bible.  Mr. Osteen is from what I can glean a New Age self-help guru who has flummoxed masses of people who flock to hear him speak.  I, personally, have no issue with anyone speaking to thousands  upon thousands of people and making big bucks doing it.  But when they claim to be a pastor of a Christian church but don’t preach the Bible, then we have a problem.

That’s not the Good News.  That’s idolatry.

This prosperity “gospel” that is so popular goes something like this: God wants people to prosper so if you give to a “church” God will bless you financially and that wealth is a sign of God’s blessing and God’s power in your life. I guess that if you are not wealthy then God must not be happy with you, then? I have a one word rebuke of that idea: Jesus.  Jesus of Nazareth was not a wealthy man.  He was the son of a laborer/carpenter turned itinerant rabbi.He relied on God to provide His needs and stored up treasure in Heaven by His faith. His heart was in heaven because that’s where His treasure is.  Prosperity gospel teachers teach their followers to treasure their earthly wealth.  that places their hearts in this world and this life.  That’s not the Good News.  That’s idolatry.

 Everlasting treasure in Heaven is produce by faith and the truly good works that proceed from that faith through following God’s will

I’ve got nothing against wealth.  Nor do I have anything against preachers who are popular and become well off while following their call.  More power to them.  That isn’t the issue at all.  The issue is where one places one’s heart.  Is your heart here?  Or is your heart in heaven? Everlasting treasure in Heaven is produce by faith and the truly good works that proceed from that faith through following God’s will.

 Is your heart here?  Or is your heart in heaven?

If you want to listen to a popular preacher who preaches the Bible well, then David Jeremiah and his Turning Points ministry is a good choice (even if he does have some dispensationalist leanings).

For awesome Bible based advice on money, go find a Financial Peace workshop taught by Dave Ramsey.

God Bless,



5 thoughts on “The Prosperity Gospel Heresy

  1. I know of David Jeremiah. His dispensationalist rhetoric (that’s all it really is) is just as bad as the prosperity gospel. In fact, I think it’s more harmful.


    • I have never heard him preach dispensation. I have heard him allude to a “pretribulation rapture ” though and that was flag for me and the source of my comment. He does preach the word and the Gospel.

      I am not sure that dispensationalism is a heresy per se. Erroneous to be sure however.


      • Today and Monday David Jeremiah is preaching on the veracity of the Pre-Tribulation Rapture on his “Turning Points” radio show. Dispensationalist nonsense in my opinion. Perhaps soon I will compose an entry about why most discussions about the “tribulation” are a waste of time. Without getting too in depth, right now, dispensationalists basically invented the concept and have therefore made up the rules of the debate and the language has taken over much o evangelism that it is really quite scary. But I digress. Just as a teaser, I’ll submit this essential point,The Great Tribulation only makes sense if there are Christians around to experience it. Believers are the real point of all the suffering and hardships. The dispensationalist idea of a pre-tribulation rapture is upside down and backwards.

        I’m not sure this makes dispensationalism heretical . Can one be apostate and not heretical?
        Does one’s understanding of the last days have personal, salvific consequence?

        What do you think?


  2. Brother Christopher in JESUS, Thank you for these spiritfilled messages each time and is strengthening me much. in Jesus, Evangelist Babu.


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