Exegete This Again

An original Gutenberg Bible

An original Gutenberg Bible (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve been posting some of my deeper thoughts lately.  In the process, my motivation has been questioned as have my methods.  This is disappointing.  I have a personal theory that instructs me that if something doesn’t seem right, it ought to be investigated, you know, if it seems important.

I am further guided that if I do the investigation and things take a “left turn” and I am faced with exceptional conclusions that appear to be irrefutable, they need to be placed into the light so that others may examine them and prove them to be correct or false. That is my motivation.  Prove my strange ideas wrong but if I am right then be blessed by the revelation. Either way, God will be honored since if I am wrong, the evidence will edify those who observe it.  On the contrary, if what I say is true then it is from God.  There’s my motivation.  As such, this calls into question the motivation of my critics who have, so far been silent.

The Gutenberg Bible displayed by the United St...

The Gutenberg Bible displayed by the United States Library of Congress, demonstrating printed pages as a storage medium. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My methods?  I read intelligently and critically.  Here’s a news flash.  The Bible is a book.  An essential idea of Christianity is that the Bible is God’s personal revelation of God’s self.  The essence of that ideal is that The Bible is a book that was written by God to inform us about God and His relationship with us and our’s with Him. It may have been written over a very long period of time, and penned by various hands from vaious cultures for numerous reasons, but the theological ideal informs us that God is the actual author and what we have today is a coherent document with the words and in the order that God intends us to witness.  The Bible is a book authored by God and therefore demands to be read and studied as such.  That only makes sense.

It’s important to exegete the text:

“At least two different forms of Biblical exegesis exist. They are called Revealed and Rational exegesis. Revealed exegesis believes the Holy Spirit inspired the Biblical authors of the texts and therefore the words in the Bible convey God’s divine revelation to man. Rational exegesis believes that the original writers of the Bible’s books used their own creativity and inspiration (apart from God) to write what they did. In short, some study the Bible believing that God himself directly inspired its writers while others approach the Bible as a collection of stories, fables, myths, etc. brought to life through the creativity and imagination of man.”

(http://www.biblestudy.org/beginner/definition-of-christian-terms/exegesis.html) *

I believe there are elements of truth to rational exegesis and that approach has its merits.  But knowing what a Sumerian poet was thinking when he began telling his story may be exceedingly fascinating, but that informs us more of him than God and unless we can get back to God, we are merely spinning our proverbial wheels if knowledge of God is what we are searching for.  Which is why I adhere to what the above quote refers to as Revealed Revelation.  Nothing is holy except in as much as it points to God.  This includes the Bible.  It is a book that reveals God.  I submit that it and the stories and books within it must be read with attitue that it and they are great works of literature that they are and with all the literary elements inherent in such works.

I’m sure I will be providing some examples in the near future.

God Bless,


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*This article is a good one as is most of what I have read on this site, but I have not spent the time needed to state that I fully endorse all that is contained there. 

(Exegete This was originally posted January 12, 2012 by Christopher C. Randolph on christophercrandolph.wordpress.com)

4 thoughts on “Exegete This Again

  1. I truly do love your thought process in writing this article. You are spot on. Thank you for sharing. Be Encouraged to keep moving forward and allowing God to use you in His own way no matter what others may say. Be Blessed and have a great and prosper day.


  2. While I agree that much of the Bible is inspired by God and breathed by the Holy Spirit I am extremely concerned by the idea that every single word of the bible is ‘written by God’ This would make the human writers mere automatoms. The thing about the Bible is we need to discern God’s spirit and then understand how it emerges through the word – not put our assumed meanings on the words as we understand them and call this the ‘Word of God.’ as so many Christians who term themselves ‘evangelical’ do. I will not proceed until I receive an answer to this so I can determine to what extent we agree or do not agree – from your reply Blessings! John


    • “The thing about the Bible is we need to discern God’s spirit and then understand how it emerges through the word – not put our assumed meanings on the words as we understand them and call this the ‘Word of God.’ as so many Christians who term themselves ‘evangelical’ do.”

      That is very true as is the fact that God wrote the Bible. This does not make the writers automatons however. It means that God is inscrutable and has a greater purpose than individuals who happen to be separated by time, race and culture. God’s Spirit inspired various authors with a depth that even they may not have been aware of and in His time, the Holy Spirit brought the desired texts into one document in a particular order. God is the author.

      I submit that because God wrote the Bible in this way, that through His Spirit it is, in this way, a living document that one may prayerfully and faithfully “discern God’s spirit and then understand how it emerges through the word”.

      God Bless,



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