What Would Jesus Say?

What would Jesus say?

What would Jesus say?

I knew that when I posted my last article about not opposing gay marriage I would get a little heat.  People who are going to be vocal about such an emotional issue tend to have a strong opinion either for or against it. My stance doesn’t satisfy either camp.  So be it.  Good.

It would be easy to trash Christians who are so full of self righteous indignation that they can damn homosexuals to hell in one breath and pray over their tithe in the next.  How do you spell “white-washed sepulchers”? Of course it would be just as easy to rail against the other camp for ignoring what is obvious in Scripture. Either course of action would yield only momentary satisfaction and produce very minimal net gain.  Maybe not a complete waste of time, but pretty close.

A friend of mine on Facebook comments after reading the article, “What would Jesus Say?”  My knee-jerk reaction was to make a snarky comment back at her.  So after typing and deleting a few renditions, I paused and asked my self, “What would Jesus say (to a homosexual)?”………

Jesus would say what He always says to everyone, “I Love you.”  And that’s what I finally posted.  Shortly thereafter, my spirit was troubled.  “That’s not all He would say, you know.”

I logged back into Facebook and found that thread and typed the words, “He’d also say, ‘Come follow Me.'”

“He’d also say, ‘Come follow Me.'”

"Follow Me," says Jesus

“Follow Me,” says Jesus

Jesus loves each and everyone of us just as we are with all of His heart.  He sinners equally as much as saints. That, I believe, is a given. But He also demands that we follow Him.  How does it go?

For the gate is narrow and the way is hard that leads to life, and those who find it are few.(Matthew 7:14, ESV)

That’s the trick.  We need to follow Jesus.  The Way is not easy like the prosperity Gospel people will lead you to believe.  One cannot just say it and pray it and then get it.  That’s paganism 101(no offence to any pagans who might read this).  Nor can we merely say that we follow Jesus but not follow the Jesus presented to us in the Bible.  Oneness believers, for instance follow a false Jesus. The Way is not convenient lie dispensationalists will have you believe either.  The Bible teaches that the trials at the end of the age are meaningless without believers.  As nice of a thought that it is, the church doesn’t get a free pass from the troubles.

 The Bible teaches that the trials at the end of the age are meaningless without believers.  

No.  the Way is hard.  To follow the Way of Christ Jesus, one must follow Him instead of a set of rules.  One must listen to the Holy Spirit and actually obey what God says. One must place one’s faith in something that is much larger than one can ever conceive.  Sometimes that means accepting things that we would rather not, like homosexuality is a sinful life style.  Or that sin is sin so my life is as filled with sin as that same-sex couple across the street.  (Don’t judge me too quickly. Your life is just as sin-filled as mine.)  Thank God for His saving grace because that only proves how much we all need Him.  None of us are holy in an of ourselves but our faith in Jesus saves us from God’s judgement.

Walking with Jesus means treading through the dust and rocks of this life.

Walking with Jesus means treading through the dust and rocks of this life.

All this is to say that I/we must love those who we know are living in sin but we must also preach the truth to them as well as everyone else. that Truth is that Jesus died for them to pay the price for every single one of their sins just as he did for all of yours and all of mine.  Not only that but He rose from the dead so that we may live just like Him.  He also ascended into heave so that He could send the Holy Spirit to empower our lives in this world and make it possible to follow Him upon His Way and lead others to do the same.

It’s not easy.  Some days it is impossible except by the grace of our Lord and the power of the Holy Spirit. Anyone who tells you differently is a liar or just hasn’t experienced this YET. This is the promise of Jesus in this life though.  But the eternal rewards in Heaven will be so worth it.

Jesus says, “I Love you.”

You might ask of Him, “What will happen if I follow you?”

To which His answer is always, “Come and see.”

God Bless,



9 thoughts on “What Would Jesus Say?

  1. There you go! Much better! Recognizing that the Church cannot legislate morality through our political processes does not mean we accept sin as allowable in the church. And, no, that’s not an easy road to walk in a world that wants to have the love of God without accepting God’s rules.


  2. Yes,He will say I love you. Yes, He will say follow me
    I believe He will repeat what He said to the woman accused of adultery. Go and sin no more. Jesus will say what He said to the paralyse man. Your sin are forgiven you then if it sin. Jesus came to save us from our sin. He will give the power to go and sin no moreShall we continue in sin that grace may abound?.


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