Conclusions Concerning Daniel Chapters 9, 10, 11, &12

Having concluded my studies of the prophesies at the end of Daniel, I’m left feeling humbled and in awe of Scripture and He who inspired it.  Someday I believe I will return to Daniel and these chapters in particular and really dig into the imagery and implications of Daniel’s visions.  People make a lot of the words and how they apply to future events but it seems that there are deeper implications for our reality here and now that can be applied to the primary message for Christ‘s Church. But that will have to wait until a future date.

As I alluded  when I “pressed” Daniels Chapters 11 and 12, I believe that the message to the Church is threefold:

Chapter 9 states that Jesus is the Messiah or Christ,  the anointed One of God.

Chapter 10 tells us that there is only one Way and that is with Christ Jesus.

Chapters 11 and12 inform the reader that Faith until the end is imperative.

I know that there are many who think that the messages are more complicated than that.  They have written books about the sundry details and based schools of thought on these prophesies.  Others have utilized these chapters of Daniel as proof texts in attempts to prove their theologies valid. I also realize that I haven’t demonstrated my academic prowess by walking the readers of this blog through complex and convoluted textual criticism analysis of the various characters mentioned, the theories about who they were, who they might be, or who they could be in the future. I haven’t carefully considered the theory that these chapters may have been written after the fact, post Maccabees.

Jesus is the Messiah; the Christ

Jesus is the Messiah; the Christ

What I did do is exactly what I encourage people to do and that is to prayerfully read the Bible and let the Holy Spirit guide me. The result is that what started as a series to disprove dispensationalism – utilizing the skills and techniques that I just stated that I did not use- became a time of  reflection and prayer and simply asking the Holy Spirit what is really to be learned from all this.  I listened to a radio preacher and read some articles and examined some charts and learned some really cool history in the process.  But I was still left with that gnawing in my gut, “And?”  I asked.

“Jesus is Messiah; the Christ.”

“That’s too simple,” I thought. Then I remembered a Bible story about a man who went to see a prophet  to learn how to be healed of his leprosy and the prophet told him to go bathe in the river Jordan.  as the story goes, he said ( in essence), “That’s it?” His servant told him that if the prophet asked him to do a great work, he’d not question that so why not just do what this man of God says.  Well, to make a long story short, he did and he was cured. Besides, Jesus being the Messiah is kind of a big deal.

Jesus is the only Way to eternal life.  Believe in Him and be saved.

Jesus is the only Way to eternal life. Believe in Him and be saved.

I thought 10 was going to be more difficult, until I realized that the message was contained in only about one sentence in that whole Chapter. “There is only True way and that’s to be God’s people.” As we learn in the new Testament, Jesus is the Way. That’s what He says. This time I was calm and collected and prepared for a simple answer. “Excellent,” I said to my self. “It’s good to have another Biblical answer.

Believers will suffer through the hard times ahead. Jesus says to keep your faith until the end and live.

Believers will suffer through the hard times ahead. Jesus says to keep your faith until the end and live.

The rest gave me fits. Chapters 11 and 12 meshed together but it was like Daniel had trouble making sense of the vision so there seemed to be some past and future events melding together without a textual break. And the dates at the end are confusing as well. The impression I was left with was one of a whole lot of bad stuff and suffering and confusion til the end of time. But Jesus entered the scene in Matthew 24 and explains the end times even referencing Daniel Chapter 11! “Have Faith until the end.” So once again, there was the simple, Bible based answer to the riddle.

I find this completely fascinating and am satisfied with the outcome of this study.  Jesus is the Christ.  He is the only Way to eternal life and no matter how troublesome our future (or our present) may be, we must hold on to our faith as if our everlasting lives depend on it.  Because they do.

God Bless,


31 thoughts on “Conclusions Concerning Daniel Chapters 9, 10, 11, &12

    • What do you mean by purpose? Do you mean, what is the purpose of the church? Or, what is the purpose of faith in Jesus? You could also be asking me why you should believe in Jesus.
      Also, what do you mean by “dogma “? I know what it means to me but I don’t know what it means to you.

      You might as well ask me to tell you the meaning of life.

      Since you are apt to challenge anything I say, you need to define your terms and question.

      After all, if you want an intelligent answer, need to ask an intelligent question.


      • If I were to ask what is the purpose of a solar panel you would likely be able to come up with a succinct and simple answer. Don’t look for something super philosophical.
        Apply the same criteria to the question:
        What is the PURPOSE of Christianity?


              • I cannot. Though He is referred to by many titles, He does not reveal His name. Naming gods is a pagan concept which stems from humanity’s desire to be in control. God names. He is not named. God is God, not a god.


              • So you cannot identify this god’s name? Okay, I thought you were going to say Yashua? Fair enough…no problem. Then, how do you KNOW this is your god…or the god?


              • I stated up front I am not interested in what you consider a personal relationship with your god, thus, as this god is also known by others, how did you come by this information: that you know he is your god.
                In other words, what is the source of your information?


              • No. You rejected my offer to define your terminology.

                I have told you the truth and you do not understand it because you do not know God though He wants you to know Him. When you do know Him, you will understand that I have answered your question precisely.


              • Then if this is the case, and your god, is the god, a and he wants to know me, and I assume, everyone else, then why are there tribes in the South American rain forest and also in Papua New Guinea who have no idea what you are talking about?
                Also, are you reluctant to actually say you know this god through the bible or are you suggesting he has communicated with you in some other fashion totally independant of this text?


              • Just to clarify so we don’t go round in circles. You have already identified what you consider the purpose of Christianity, and that is duly noted. What I am trying to establish now is the source, and how you are able to confirm its veracity.


              • I get the feeling you are being obtuse on purpose and can’t figure out why?
                Are you afraid to reveal how this knowledge was communicated to you?
                Or how your god, communicated it, if you feel more comfortable?
                And why have you not mentioned Yashua?
                Is this not your god?


              • Yashu’a, Yeshua, Joshua, Jesus, Iesu…..

                All the of these are variations of the same name. Which one do you really mean? Which name is really correct? Even if you chose correctly, that’s still too simplistic. I understand that you do not know what you are asking.
                Affirming the divinty of Jesus is one thing. To simply say that Jesus is my god is not the same at all. To explain why would mean delving into a treatise on the Trinity and you have already stated elsewhere that you don’t believe in that. Of course you don’t, because you doubt the existence of God, anyway. Once again we are at a point where you won’t get it until you believe.

                PS I erased the beginning of your comment because it had nothing to do with our conversation.


              • Well, there you go.
                You won’t answer where you received the information pertaining to god,which clearly demonstrates that it was NOT through a divine word or a whisper in the night.
                No, sir, like every other religious person, your belief stems from inculcation, from parents, peers and the bible or some other religious text.
                A fact that is so easily demonstrated because half the world and then some does not even acknowledge the god you revere, and some of these have no idea who this god is and would return a completely blank expression should you try to explain it to them.
                Which brings us right back to the bible,the history of its compilation and its veracity.
                You may claim divine revelation, but this is clearly not the case.
                Once you are prepared to be a little more honest than maybe we will be able to have a decent mature conversation.


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