Revelation: Some Initial Thoughts

The Revelation of John. What practical lessons can we divide from this awesome text?

The Revelation of John. What practical lessons can we divide from this awesome text?

Revelation, the final Book of the Bible is intriguing to me. Much has been written on its apocalyptic  events.  I have begun reading it once again and praying for helpful insights.  Readers of this blog will have realized by now that I don’t look for what has already been said when I pour over Biblical texts. This ongoing study is and will be no different.  My recent examination of the final chapters of Daniel revealed the simplicity of God‘s revealed message.  That doesn’t, of course, mean that God’s Word or His messages are simplistic.  If I am correct about faith being the over all theme of the Bible, then faith will be revealed as the key to the life of Christ‘s Bride.  Faith will also be the operative word in the lives of believers in the time ahead.

The initial post(s) will be examinations of the seven churches in the second chapter.  I believe that the keys to understanding God’s messages to us in this will be to pay close attention to the positives God sees in them as well as the charges he gives to each. These will give us a foundation to stand upon as we dive into the rest of the book and attempt to divide the symbolism into a practical understanding of what it means to be a Christian through the end times.

In other words, “So what?” What does Revelation have to do with you and me?

It seems, today, to be a daunting task, especially for a blog.  But, God willing, and with God’s help, this study will be edifying and, well, revealing to us all.  I hope you will join me in this by reading, commenting and praying with me as this goes along.

God Bless,


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