Penn Jillette Gets a Bible.

English: Penn Jillette at Rio Las Vegas

Penn Jillette at Rio Las Vegas (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Christians and atheists alike can learn a lot from spending just 5 minutes with Penn Jillete.  No mocking is necessary.  Be intelligent and respectful.

 “How much do you have to hate some one NOT to proselytize?”

Wow!  That really hit home.

This video has been around for a while but if you have never seen it, you need to whether you believe or disbelieve.

6 thoughts on “Penn Jillette Gets a Bible.

  1. Kudos for him for the intellectual honesty! So many atheists are not willing to hear it at all. Sad that he is an atheist because that metaphorical truck is bearing down on him and I would tackle him if I could because I think he’s a good man too. Unfortunately, being good doesn’t open the doors of heaven.


      • I worked with a reasonable atheist at my former long-time job. Frank came to understand the difference between my faith and the excesses of religion and as a psychologist, he also grasped the concept that religionists are often insecure in the truth of what they believe because religion is based on ritual and not relationship. I’m sure if he were to do a 5-minute video about me, he’d say “She’s a good woman. I know there’s not a god, but her belief in a god doesn’t keep her from being a good woman.”

        Frustrating and heart-breaking because I love Frank and I think heaven would be improved by his presence. I can imagine him and Paul getting into some deep theological discussions. But Christianity is a voluntary decision to associate with Jesus Christ and Frank (like Penn Jillette) just won’t go there. He’s convinced he’s right and he’s comfortable with that decision. And, therein lies the heartbreak, because Frank knows I think this ends badly for him and he’s willing to accept the consequences if I’m right. It just tears your heart out!


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