Conclusions Concerning Daniel Chapters 9, 10, 11, &12

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Christopher C. Randolph

Having concluded my studies of the prophesies at the end of Daniel, I’m left feeling humbled and in awe of Scripture and He who inspired it.  Someday I believe I will return to Daniel and these chapters in particular and really dig into the imagery and implications of Daniel’s visions.  People make a lot of the words and how they apply to future events but it seems that there are deeper implications for our reality here and now that can be applied to the primary message for Christ‘s Church. But that will have to wait until a future date.

As I alluded  when I “pressed” Daniels Chapters 11 and 12, I believe that the message to the Church is threefold:

Chapter 9 states that Jesus is the Messiah or Christ,  the anointed One of God.

Chapter 10 tells us that there is only one Way and that is with

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