The last time I posted here was during a series on John’s Revelation. At the time, I felt compelled to finish it quickly. The overarching topic, I found in that prophetic work was the importance of faith.
Little did I know that this series was prophetic for my own life.  Shortly after I completed it…let’s just say…life happened and my faith was sorely tested.  God remains faithful, however and is moving mightily.  I don’t pretend to know precisely what He is going to do next, but I am sure that life as I have known it will continue to be altered.
I confess my mixed feelings about this but I leave it in God’s hands where it belongs.

I covet your prayers and wish you God’s many blessings.

More to come.


2 thoughts on “Prophetic?

  1. Amen my brother, there comes a time when we must stand still, wait of God, be strong and courageous and let God work His miracles in His own way and time. Be Blessed as you allow God to use you in a mighty and powerful way.


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