Jesus’ Message


“Repent, for the kingdom of heaven is at hand.”
Jesus (Matthew 4: 17, ESV)

Crazy people are often portrayed in movies holding placards with the message, “REPENT!” But, interestingly enough, this was the essential teaching of Jesus. Was Jesus insane, then?  Well he did go around claiming to be the Son of God. That’s just crazy talk, right? He’d have to be a lunatic to think that. Or simply a liar to say it. You know, unless it’s true. That’s what the Bible tells us he preached. Of course, the Bible could be full of falsehoods, too. But, anytime someone tries honestly and intelligently to disprove the Bible, it holds up amazingly well.

So…. Was Jesus a lunatic, a liar, or the Son of God? I’m going with the Son of God. Where He is there is the kingdom of heaven.

The thing is, we can’t see the kingdom unless (until?) we see Jesus. This is where repentance kicks in. Within the context of this basic message, repentance is a call to turn from those things that are not God (that would be everything and everyone), and focus entirely on Him.

Immediately before His message is revealed, Jesus speaks of a “light” in reference to messianic prophecies.

He might as well be saying, “Look. Here I am.”

Personally, I think anyone who refuses to turn their spiritual eyes to Jesus and focus their lives on Him is the crazy one.

God Bless,



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