Genesis and God’s Presence


I have finished reading the book of Genesis in my quest to read the Biblical from cover to cover. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I am including my thoughts and impressions as I go, not to lift myself up unduly but merely as a way of sharing the journey. It serves as a means of accountability as well.


Believing is seeing.  Have faith

So. Like I said, I have now walked through Genesis, the first book of the Christian Bible,.the Word of God. My overall impression is that this serves (among the things) as an object lesson on the omnipresence of God. Sure, He forbade us from returning to the Garden in which we walked hand in hand with our Creator, but that by no means implies that He abandoned us. Life is hard and the world is a rough place to sojourn, but God is steadfastly available to people of faith. Abraham, Jacob/Israel, and Joseph emphasize great faith through the hardships of life here on this earth.

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