Moses: The Early Years


Prayer and careful study is the key to understanding the Bible

I am trekking through Exodus now on my journey through the Bible. Today, I reveal an observation from the beginning of this book.

The current Pharaoh of Egypt was afraid of the Israelites. Their numbers had multiplied since the days of Joseph. He told the midwives to kill all their male children as soon as they were born. The midwives were wise and, fearing God, they refused the command of infanticide. Undeterred, Pharaoh commanded all of his people to throw all male Hebrew babies into the Nile River.

That’s the big picture. Moses’ mother places Moses in a floating basket and situates him in some reeds by the river bank not far from where Pharaoh’s daughter would be coming to bathe.  She finds baby Moses floating in the basket and decides to adopt him.
What comes next is amazing to me. She sends one of her servants to find a Hebrew to nurse this Hebrew baby. She comes back with Moses’ own mother! Pharaoh’s daughter then pays Moses’ mother to raise him until he is old enough to join her at the palace.
The gist is that Pharaoh commanded that all male Hebrew babies be murdered, but instead of being killed, Moses is raised by his mother and then he is adopted into the royal family where he would receive the best of everything including education. Only God can turn such an awful situation totally upside down like that.

4 thoughts on “Moses: The Early Years

      • Would you like to offer any updated archaeological evidence to show the veracity of this claim that the Exodus,and the Conquest rfeally did happen?
        I would be really interested to read what ever you have as every thing I have read over the past couple of years suggests it is all fabrication.
        But if you say differently, then go for it.
        Show me what you’ve got, I mean that sincerely as this particularly subject has always fascinated me. .


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