The Plagues or God Equips Moses


The Gutenberg Bible

There’s a phrase that is often repeated, “God doesn’t call the equipped, He equips the called.”

I thought of this as I read through the Egyptian plagues. Remember, God met Moses on the mountain and called him into service. God met Moses where he was, in other words. Moses balked, however, making excuses for why he was unqualified to be God’s prophet.

God sent Aaron to speak the words that God would speak to Moses. It’s Aaron who speaks to Pharaoh at first. Its Aaron who performs the miracles that bring the first four plagues. Neither he nor Moses do anything for the fifth plague. There’s a shift at the sixth plague. God specifically tells Moses to be His actor and by the eighth plague, we even see dialogue between Pharaoh and Moses.
It’s is almost like God meets Moses, a stuttering, shepherd and gives him a crash course in being His prophet before sending him off into the wilderness as the leader of the people of Israel. That, to me, is amazing.



6 thoughts on “The Plagues or God Equips Moses

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  2. Well, you do ask for thoughts, and as I seem to be one of the few who comment…..

    The story of Moses the Exodus and conquest of Canaan is regarded by all but fundamental believers and those who remain uninformed of the truth along with the rest of the Pentateuch as fiction.
    It is taught as nothing but myth in every state school in Israel and considering we are talking about the race who’s very birthright is tied up in the Torah this fact alone should give you pause for thought, Christopher.

    For what it’s worth, the character, Moses, is an egotistical cruel, genocidal maniac. Much like the deity he appeals to for guidance.

    I truly think it is about time you read the Old Testament with an open mind and exercised a little more critical thought. it will certainly give your views on the New Testament a much more enlightened perspective.


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