Leviticus: God is With Us


The Gutenberg Bible

Just read Leviticus on my journey through the Bible. I have just a few thoughts.

If Exodus establishes the Israelites as God’s people, then Leviticus summarizes what it looks like to dwell in the presence of God. There a lot of “You shall nots.” Chapter 18, for example is about sexual immorality like adultery and incest. God is against such things. The punishment is death for both parties.

It also speaks about what to do in the case of skin disease and keeping the Sabbath and other holy days and holy years. It also describes the correct manner to offer sacrifices and the punishments for various infractions.

Jesus draws such essential statements as , “Love your neighbor,” and, “Be holy,” from Leviticus.

Leviticus is not the most exciting book of the Bible to read and I confess to not having given it a whole lot of thought. Being a gentile and a Christian who is saved by grace, the Law doesn’t apply to me per se. But this time through Leviticus, I was drawn to the why of it all. Sure some of the particulars are called “abominations” that God hates (the sexual immorality examples, etc.), but even the abominations are included so that Israel may be set apart from all other nations and God will dwell among them. Since God is with them, the children of Israel had to take special precautions do that when they were in the actual presence of God, they would not die. These laws were primarily for their protection! No one who is “unclean” will survive an encounter with the LORD our God.

There are obvious allusions to Christ Jesus in all of this, but they need to be placed on the proverbial back burner for now.
On to Numbers!

As always, feel free to comment or question anything.


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