Numbers: Nothing Ever Changes


I finished reading Numbers on my journey through the Bible. My immediate impression was one of amazement. How could the Israelites be do stupid by doubting God and rebelling against  God and Moses and Aaron? Time and time again they whine about the conditions of their lives. They seek out other gods. They follow their passions instead of their God. They rebel against authority.  The thing that makes this so amazing is that they have seen and personally experienced God’s miracles. What Were They Thinking?

Then I realized that they were mere mortals just as we are today. Let’s be honest. Who among us has nevertheless whined about that condition of our lives? Who never places something else before God, whether it be one’s job, one’s spouse, children or car? Who has never let their passions rule their actions even for a little while? We have all been guilty of these or similar failings at one time or another no matter how many “mountain top”  experiences we have. We are human. We are imperfect.

And yet, even though they angered God by their transgressions and unfaithfulness, God held to His steadfast love for them. He did not forsake them in the wilderness. He remained faithful to His promises.

The same goes for believers today. We disappoint our Lord daily and yet God remains the same. He loves us unconditionally and steadfastly. We are His and He is our God. Nothing ever really changes except for names. I find that oddly comforting.

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