There Might Be Giants: Deuteronomy 1-4


Rendition of King Og of Bashan

My trek through the Bible continues and I am reading Deuteronomy now. I have read through Chapter 5 and so far Moses seems to be giving a sermon to the people of God. He has recounted their journey from Egypt and the giving of the 10 Commandments and their recitation by God to the Israelites.

It’s pretty amazing really. God has been with them the entire time and has led them and provided for them and fought for them. As long as they have been faithful to Him, they have been safe, conquered stronger nations than themselves, and slain giants even (most notably, Og, the king of Bashan).


Size Comparisons

They have witnessed God’s presence in clouds and fire, seen His miracles, and even heard His voice, and yet they doubt Him just as they are about to receive the land promised to Abraham. All they have to do is to remain faithful and press forward to receive their promised blessing but they balk at the last proverbial minute. I think God was rightly frustrated and indignant.
This begs the question of how many blessings we believers miss out on simply because we give up when things seem insurmountable to us?

I challenge you to keep pressing forward in whatever dreams and promises God has laid on your heart. Your promised land may be just over the horizon.

Stay faithful my friend.

3 thoughts on “There Might Be Giants: Deuteronomy 1-4

  1. And very importantly, if you’re commanded to remove every single trace of a particular tribe or influence from the path, show absolutely no sign of remorse and remind the nay-sayers that maybe if they’d stop worshipping dumb things despite commandments to the contrary, we could’ve spent that time building lunar outposts instead.


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