Chosen for Love: Deuteronomy 5-11


the ten commandments

I am continuing through Deuteronomy today. I just read Moses’ recollection of God’s presentation of the 10 Commandments to the people of Israel. I noticed that the Commandments either deal with loving God (you shall have no other gods before me, no carved images, remember the Sabbath…) or loving one’s neighbor (you shall not murder, you shall not commit adultery, you shall not steal….). Jesus knew what He was talking about.
But, hearing the voice of God really freaked the Israelites out so they asked to be excused from listening to any more. God saw the wisdom of this request so he kept Moses on top of Mt. Horeb for fort days and told him the rest as well as presenting him with the 10 Commandments which He craved into stone with His own finger. The people panicked in the meantime and created their own god (a golden calf) and worshipped it. God, of course was not happy about that nonsense and it was all that Moses couldn’t do as their mediator to convince Him not to eradicate them there and then.
So here’s the gist of all that went down at that time. God gave the 10 Commandments and then proceeded to tell them that  following them by focusing on God and his Commandments 24/7 they would be able to maintain their faith and He would continue to provide for them, protect them, and fight their battles for them. The Israelites would want for nothing and would be unstoppable simply because they were God’s chosen people whom he loved. The other nations, He said, were wicked and He would therefore make examples out of them. Not to diminish God’s love or anything since He is Love, but they purpose of choosing a people to shower His love upon and to guide into a new way of life wasn’t as much about them as much as it was to demonstrate to the rest of the world that He is the One and Only God and nothing and no one compares to Him. But His people had to do their part by following His  instructions  and maintaining their faith in Him.
All of this, of course, had future implications regarding the need and God’s provision of a Savior, one Jesus of Nazareth, the Christ, the Living Son of God. More about Him later.


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