1 Samuel 1-15: The Tragedy Who was King Saul

Along my trek through the Bible, I continued to halt periodically, where it seems right. What follows are my thoughts about King Saul. Mind, I am not offering a Bible study per se. Just my thoughts having just read up to Chapter 16 of 1 Samuel. I do not plan stopping to give chapter and verse.  If you (the reader) wish for such information, feel free to ask in the comments, or better yet, read 1 Samuel for yourself.

Saul is a tragic figure of the Bible. He never sought out the kingship of Israel; never asked for it. When he was anointed by Samuel, he didn’t tell anyone and on the day Samuel was to pronounce his appointment as king over God’s people, every one turned out to hear the proclamation except Saul. He went and hid.

Saul seems to have been burdened with self doubt and a desire to please people. He hid when he was to be proclaimed king and his downfall came as a result of attempting to please the people instead of obeying God’s direct instructions. He may not have wanted to be king, but once he was made king, Saul sought the approval of the people. What he needed to do, however,was to lead them by being an exemplar of the faith. If he did so, the Israelites could obviously be a people set apart from the rest of the world as the people of God that would to point all other peoples to God.

The Israelites, however, wanted a human king in order to be like all the other nations around them. Saul, with his insecurity and need for approval was doomed from the outset. Sure, he looked the part. He was taller, stronger and better at things than others and no doubt cut a handsome, noble figure, but striving to please a people who set him up to rule them instead of God, wasn’t the wisest course of action for him to take.

All this makes me ponder how God feels when He asks a believer to perform a specified task and he or she doesn’t fulfill His request but blatantly disregards God’s instructions. What might God do as a result? Or is such a person protected by the mercy and grace of Jesus Christ? I would hope that this is the case, but perhaps God may replace that person with someone more willing to follow His will?

I’m open to suggestions.


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