David: The Man Who Would be King


David by Bernini

As I read 1 Samuel, I was reintroduced to the young David. What struck me upon meeting him was the author’s brief description of this young man:

“Now he was ruddy and had
beautiful eyes and was handsome.” (1 Samuel 16: 12, ESV)

My first thought was, “And people are saying that Jesus is too sexy in ‘The Son of God’?” My second thought was a little more serious: “He is being compared to Adam!“

When you read the account of Adam’s creation in Hebrew you are left with the image of a potter creating a vessel out of ruddy clay. Isn’t Adam described as having the image of God, and isn’t David described as having a heart like God’s?

The third thing was his “beautiful eyes.” In Luke’s Gospel, Jesus call the eye “The lamp of the body” (11: 34, ESV). It is obvious that the reader is supposed to catch on that there is something special about this David character from the get go. God had His hands on him. Even before Samuel arrived, God had already begun to mold David into the man who would be King.


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