God is Dead

God is dead!
God is dead!
Thank God Almighty our
God is dead.

That’s the point of Good Friday, after all. This is when Christians celebrate the death of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, the Savior of the world.

Thank God Almighty, our
God is dead!


This is Love

If that offends you but you are still reading then good. Good because nailing God to a cross (arguably the most painful means of execution at the time) is a ludicrous proposition. In point of fact it should be an impossible, unthinkable, proposition.


God loves them all.

And, yet, that is what every  one of us did. Oh, I know the Jewish elders forced the issue and then Pilot and his soldiers did their dirty work, but if it wasn’t for you and me and the rest of humanity for that matter, Jesus would not have had to go through such an agonizing execution.


The leaders wanted Jesus killed because of his divine claims.

The Old Testament teachers usually inform us that impure humans cannot approach God. They simply cannot. Moreover, I know that I am so totally filthy from all of my sins that there is absolutely no way that I am worthy to even think about getting close to God, much less spend eternity with him.

Don’t judge me too harshly though, because the same goes for you. We all sin every single day so we will never reach Paradise by our personal merits.


It’s because we sin with such natural proficiency that we cannot get to heaven on our own. Let’s face it Christians, the only thing that separates you and I from the rest of humanity is  the grace of God which we access through our faith in His Son, Jesus. This is the same Jesus who died on Good Friday, by the way. That’s it. By ourselves there is nothing especially different about us.


Receiving Jesus Christ is necessary to reaching God.

Get to the point you say. Okay, here is the point which I will endeavor to write with minimal “churchese”. It is appropriate to celebrate the death of Jesus on Good Friday because if He did not die, He could not have risen from death to offer every one eternal life. After all, it is not the believer’s righteousness that allows entry to God’s holy presence, but the righteousness of the Spirit of Christ who lives inside every true believer. That’s it. It really is that simple.


Christ is risen!

God Bless,



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