1 Chronicles: That’ll Preach


This going to be short.

Here’s an update on my trek through the Bible cover to cover. I finished 1 Chronicles a little while ago. Woo Hoo!

From what I could gather, the point of 1 Chronicles is to reinforce the ideal of the Davidic line and the Davidic covenant with God. God established an eternal dynasty through David.

At the end of 1 Chronicles, we see the covenant in action as David’s son Solomon is raised up to be king. If memory serves me correctly from the last time I read the Bible all the way through, 2 Chronicles will concentrate on the Temple of God. God establishes the kingship of David’s line and His temple on earth by the the end of 2 Chronicles.

I also noticed and was confirmed in reading my Bible’s notes on Chronicles that the author included lay people in the episode of Solomon being consecrated king of Israel and the subsequent worship and praise to God. They are God’s people, in other words. God is not simply concerned with king and temple. He loves his people and and He desires their worship and expects them to live like they are His children. Which, of course, they are.

Wow. That’ll preach.

God Bless,


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