Faith vs Obedience in today’s apostate churches


I’ve often said that you can tell the quality of a school within 3 minutes of entering its office. The same can generally be said of a church. Within about 3 minutes of his or her Lord’s Day sermon, you can have the pastor pegged. And by the end, you can identify his or her stance on most issues. The trick is to listen carefully with your heart and mind. If you’ve done your own homework and know in your heart what is important in one’s journey with Christ, all the better.

I have written about the essentials of  Christianity and the primacy of faith along one’s journey with Christ. Read the Apostles Creed, understand the 2 Great Commands of Jesus and His Golden Rule, and break down John 3:16 and you are off to a good start. You can read my commentaries on those very subjects elsewhere on this blog. Suffice it to say that from the beginning of Genesis to the end of Revelation faith (in the True God) is the operative word and no other.

Many denominations, churches, and pastors operate on the misguided belief that obedience is all important. Nothing could be  further from the truth. This is an insidious lie of the adversary which fills hell with the souls of people who lead and fill churches throughout the world.


There are some preachers who are bold enough to teach obedience openly even from the pulpit. If you hear such apostate heresy, don’t walk, run for the door! That preacher’s words are not of God.

What was Eve’s problem? She placed her desire for wisdom and power over God. What was Adam’s problem? He placed Eve above God. In so doing, both of them committed idolatry which is placing something, anything, before God. It’s a faith issue and God knew it was going to happen. After all He said, “When you do…,” not “If you do…” God gave Adam advice not a command but he failed to heed it.

The key to surviving and/or reaping various rewards according to Revelation is faith in Jesus Christ come what may. Don’t be a fool and expect to be “raptured” before all hell breaks loose. That is just another aBiblical heresy perpetrated by power mongering preachers. Just remember if it isn’t for, about, or at least because of Jesus Christ and His True Gospel it has to go. If it’s about you, me, the church and/or its denomination, or the preacher, it is meaningless drivel no matter how impressive it sounds.

Only Christ. (No one is greater.)
Only Faith. (Nothing else really matters)
Only The Bible (Its God’s only personal revelation.)
Only Grace (Salvation is given, it cannot be earned.

But don’t take my word for it. Do your own homework. Then if you speak with your pastor about what you learn, pay close attention to his or her attitude. Properly, if you have given your thoughts and finding their due diligence and prayer, they ought to be considered in the same manner. A good pastor will do so. Remember, as son or daughter of the Almighty, you are to obey Him foremost. Obey the will of those in authority as He commands certainly, but trust only Him.

Keep the Faith,


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