Is Your Church Worship More Pagan than Christian? – Church Worship


This a link to an article from The author makes some typical Christian arguments though, come to think of it, he never addresses the “pagan” issue as his title suggests. I found the article while scrolling on Facebook and I am sharing the comment I made below.

The reason that I am sharing is that this goes to the heart of my question from two posts back in which I observed that all churches are the same as always and this lack of change denotes the dead or at least dying nature of the Church. Mathematics has grown, as has science, technology, sports, and everything else I can think of. Everything has grown and/or changed significantly except the Church. And so it dies, unable to adequately stand up to outside pressures.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s essentials must remain intact or else it will no longer be the Church. But anything else can change and most of it must. It’s time for the Bride to get a new dress, pull it up, and get to work being who she is the intended to be.

My comment to the above article is my personal opinion concerning the direction weekly church services ought to proceed and I welcome and encourage any and all comments and opinions to be shared in the comment section.

I think that, though the author asks some valid questions, he is predominantly off base. Firstly, because singing etc. is worship but that decidedly does NOT make music a mediator. It directs one’s attention toward the Mediator but is not the mediator. Beyond that, however, we need to ask ourselves what is the primary purpose of meeting as a body regularly. Certainly, to hear the Word. Whether this is done well at any particular time or particular time by individuals in front of a congregation is a whole other can of worms. But. Why does the body meet? After all, we can read Scripture and attend Bible studies, listen to preachers, watch preachers 24/7… I submit that in this information age, the primary purpose is the worship time; the music and singing. That is the time and the act that brings the body into union. As people sing together, there hearts become synced, they become one body not a room of individuals. That is when they learn what it is to be the Church. The speaker’s right purpose is to. Biblically teach and direct this unified body what to do with this unity.


One thought on “Is Your Church Worship More Pagan than Christian? – Church Worship

  1. I think that our worship is suffereing because we, the church in America, have given into the lie that there is a secular world. There is no secular world. Jesus has authority everywhere. If we will believe in Jesus and in his gospel enough to start telling it to our unbelieving friends and family, the church will start to grow. Our worship will become genuine. You cannot separate worship and evangelism.


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