How to Survive the Apocalypse

Unless you have been living in an extreme, remote location or otherwise not paying attention at all, you have to realize that we are living in perilous times. Wars are rampant, seasons and weather patterns are askew,  and many spiritual paths are speaking of and end to the world as we know it. Something big is happening or about to happen.  That’s a fact.

I’m no conspiracy theorist.  I don’t have a closet full of guns. Nor am I communing with alien races or anything like that.  I do have eyes that see, ears that hear, and a critical mind, however. Also, I have my faith and a great book to reference called the Bible. That being said, this article is not solely intended for Christians. It’s just that I adhere to a Biblical worldview, one that is a step sideways than the typical Biblical worldview, however.  Those readers who have spent much time reading this blog already know this. If you have not, and since I adhere to the principle of keeping blog post as concise as possible, please do read some of my articles as I will referencing some of their content as I move ahead.


Let me just come right out and say it. Evil is running rampant over the earth and it is only going to get much, much worse really fast. Wars, plagues, lies, disunity, bickering, sheep-like adherence to the the words of demigogs; these things you can see by watching the news one time. Social media is running amok with it as well. It’s everywhere, not just politics. It’s in our churches and mosques. It’s in “spiritual” sites. Everyone is right and everyone else is wrong.  Disunity and strife are everywhere while sanity and cooperation are discarded like yesterday’s garbage.

I get it. We’re all feeling the evil and we have no way of understanding it and have never been taught how to handle it at all. Without any suitable constructs, we are left to our own devices and our emotions get the better of us.

The thing is, I am still in the same place as I was 14 years ago as I experienced the World Trade disaster with my class of third and fourth graders. One girl cried to me with tears streaming from her eyes, “What are we going to do now, Mr R?” Without hesitation, I told her that we are going to continue to love and not give in to fear and hate. “If we give in to fear and hate,” I told her and the rest of the class,”They win.”

Yes, there is much to be afraid of these days. Yes, there are despicable, evil people who deserve to be hated. But, when good people succumb to these base emotions and thoughts, they are no longer good people. That’s simply the truth. Love is the only way to achieve victory and survive the apocalypse.

Mind you, I’m not saying “like”. No. You should not like it when a city like Paris is bombed, or when a holiday party is shot up, or when politicians lie, straight-faced to their constituents.  You should not like it when people of one faith system calls for the death of those who do not adhere to their beliefs. You should not like it when thousands of innocents are murdered. And these are simply a few obvious examples. You should not like any of these or anything else that promotes disunity (caused by fear and hate) among people locally, nationally, or globally. But you must love the people who spread this evil. Because, if you don’t. If you spew hatred for anyone, no matter how much they seemingly deserve it, you have become that person whom you hate.  You lose. You will not survive the apocalypse.

I say this, because when I completed my study of the Book of Revelation, it was abundantly clear, that the only way to survive the Apocalypse (or end times) was via faith. Later reflection and study proved that faith is lived out in love. God is Love and the only way to be close to God by personifying love. Love is living faith. I don’t care what religion or faith or spiritual path you adhere to, if you are living Love, you are close to God.  On the other hand if you are not living Love, I don’t care how many days you spend in church, how balanced your chakras are, or how many “good deeds” you’ve done, you are the problem.

Yes, I know.  It’s not easy. A Muslem bombs a cafe, a Christian tells you you’re going to hell, a New-Ager condemns you for eating meat. A Lesbian couple demands that you bake them a cake. And, it makes you angry. Be angry. That’s only natural. Recognize their evil.  Call them evil. Know why they are evil. But love them anyway. Don’t be another evil person spreading hate and fear. That’s the only way to survive the Apocalypse. Anything else leads to death especially spiritual death which is truly the only death that matters in the “end.”

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4 thoughts on “How to Survive the Apocalypse

  1. Just because you live in love, doesn’t mean you are any closer to God then someone who doesn’t. Some atheists live in love, are they close to God? No. Yea they live in love but if you don’t have a relationship with God, it doesn’t matter. You can love as much as you want but the only way to get closer to God is to seek his face and have a relationship with him.


  2. I agree. But still you said and I quote, “Love is living faith. I don’t care what religion or faith or spiritual path you adhere to, if you are living Love, you are close to God.” Well, I know for a fact that there are countless Muslims that are VERY loving people. But since they believe in Allah, they are not close to God. In fact they are enemies of God. Just like before you and I were saved, we were enemies of God, Why? Because we were sinners. We might have been the most loving person on the face of the earth, but we were not close to God. I repeat what I said in my earlier comment, “the only way to get closer to God is to seek his face and have a relationship with him.” It was God’s greatest act of love that saved us, that made it possible to get close to Him. Not our acts of love. Even our most selfless deeds are selfish.


    • The point is what is one’s heart, not what others believe. For instance (and this is going to be the question of the next article on this subject) what do you feel toward those of other faiths? What is your response even in the face of the atrocities reported in the news concerning the evils perpetrated by “them”? Can you honestly say that you love them? Can I say that? If you or I cannot, then are we, sinners that we are, any closer to God? No. I don’t think so. Harboring hatred is the equivalent of murder after all.


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