Comments on John’s Gospel

This page contains links to my series of posts on John’s Gospel.  While this is not a commentary per se in that it’s nothing close to a verse by verse collection, I have attempted in this brief series, to capture the essence of John’s intentions.  Enjoy and may God bless your reading.



  1. Jesus Is God (John 1:1-5, 9-10, 12-14, 18 ESV)
  2. Jesus at the Wedding in Cana (John 2:6-11 ESV)
  3. Jesus’ Body and Blood (John 6:52-58 ESV)
  4. God So Loved The World . . . . (John 3:16-19 ESV)
  5. Jesus and The Woman at The Well (John 4:25-30 ESV)
  6. Jesus: Who Does He Think He Is? (John 7:14-18 ESV)
  7. Breaking the Law With Jesus (John 5:6-17 ESV)
  8. Jesus Came To Save the World (John 12:44-50 ESV)
  9. Signs And Wonders Today  (John 14:11-14 ESV)
  10. Our Father . . . (John 16:25-27 ESV)
  11. Striking Jesus (John 18:19-24 ESV)
  12. What Is Truth  (John 18:36-38 ESV)
  13.  The Last Temptation of Christ: Jesus and Mary at the Tomb (John 20:15-17 ESV)
  14. Jesus and Thomas: Believe and Be Blessed (John 20:24-29 ESV)

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